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    i been crocheting since 2001
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    I like making many things
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  1. I love it..i been checking on your blog to see if you had posted anything new..and thanks for the links
  2. Oh that looks so warm ..very nice:clap
  3. welcome to the VILLE, you are gonna love it
  4. Its so pretty, i love making baby outfits too
  5. I really love this...its so pretty
  6. Welcome to the Ville from here in las vegas
  7. Those are so pretty. you are so talented.
  8. This is so pretty...I have never crochet with thread before and I want to try it . Great work
  9. She look so cute. i really like the dress
  10. im really loving those colors
  11. Welcome....its so nice to see young people crocheting I love it. cant wait to see your stuff
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