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  1. I apoligize, I forgot that I used the pattern below for the peppermint candy one. The pattern is for a coaster I just did less rows for the tape measure. http://www.crochetmemories.com/patterns/peppermint-candy-coaster.php Thanks for all your responses. Halfway thru the snowman will post tomorrow.
  2. I used an 88cent tape measure from Wally World (they are blue). For the circles (make 2) CH2 Row 1 6sc in second ch from hook (6). join to first stitch, ch 1 do not turn Row 2 2 sc in each sc (12) join to first stitch, ch 1 do not turn Row 3 1 sc then 2 sc repeat around (18) join to first stitch, ch 1 do not turn Row 4 1 sc, 1 sc, 2 sc repeat around, join and finish off For the side CH 28 Row hdc in 3rd ch from hook and in each stitch to end(25) (I hope I wrote these instructions correctly, not used to writing instructions) Whipstich the circles to the side. I put a little hot glue on the tape measure to hold it in place while I sew it. I put a button on the opposide side of the "face" so people know where to push to retract the tape measure. Then just use your imagination for the rest. I won't give away all my secrets Hope this helps to get you started. Enjoy
  3. Here is a collection of tape measures that I have been working on. I used my own patterns. My favorite so far is the turtle. I am working on a snowman now. Enjoy!!
  4. Yay, I also received a copy of the 2009 calendar. I'm on August 5th. I submitted the School Bus Magnet. I used to be a school bus driver and gave these to my fellow bus drivers before I left in 2005 (That's when I had my baby boy). It's a small item but it's a start for future projects to come. Thanks for looking. picture clickable
  5. I found the baby dolls in the toy section. They were "hiding" among the larger babies.
  6. Like goodie2shoes I used this pattern with a few modifications. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/sh...e+cradle+purse Since they are easy and quick to make, I've made 3 other ones. Will post pictures later. You can be very creative with colors here. I found the baby dolls at Wal-Mart for only 97 cents.
  7. I'm on a purse kick right now. This is definitely going on my list. Thanks a bunch
  8. I found the stripe yarn on sale at Joann's (Bernat Chunky Twists - Thyme 10.5 oz.). I bought Carry Alongs by Carrie Sullivan and knew I wanted to used this yarn for the Drawstring Shell Carryall. When I finished the round bottom I realized I wouldn't have enough yarn to make it one color, this was the only skein left. I went through my stash and found a Red Heart in Cafe that went well with the Bernat. I also added a lining. It's 12" round x 18 1/2" high. It's a good size bag. I'm using it to carry my projects in now. Can't wait to make some of the other purses in this book. It really gives good instructions. Close up of stitches Close up showing lining Will be adding more items to the website each month.
  9. My 3 year old is starting preschool this year. The school's mascot is an owl and I want to make him a sweater with an owl on the back.
  10. You're right about the price of handles. I bought plastic tubing years ago to make bracelets but never did. So I know what to use for handles in the future.
  11. I love the orange one. Is this your own pattern??
  12. I haven't lined it yet, but it will soon. It's only single strand. The rings are actually the the plastic ring on a 42 oz apple juice jug, you know when you twist the lid off the part of the lid that stays on the jug. I just take them off before I recycle the jug. I was saving them for something and I needed some rings, I single crochet around it to cover it.
  13. Here's the link for the cake. The edging is a bit different. http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2007/09/crochet_wedding_cake_berroco_b.html Instead of the flowers shown I made the strip method crochet roses.
  14. This cake was part of the Jefferson Arts Center exhibit last december. I used styrofoam (10", 8" and 6") each layer is 4" tall.
  15. You did a great job. I love purple.
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