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    Donna L
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    IHave been married 43 yrs and have 4 children and also 9 grandchildren
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    Ottawa Ont.Canada
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    crochet,knitting and sewing
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    sometime in the 80's
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    baby and children clothing and toys
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  1. grannie

    Romper or Onesie newborn + larger

    there are 4 snap fasteners to the bottom and 4 buttons to left front shoulder I have this pattern
  2. grannie

    Spring has Sprung - 15" doll

    Thank you it is adorable
  3. grannie

    2' Granny Circle Layette Blanket

    Thank you for the beautiful pattern
  4. Thank you for all these beautiful doll patterns
  5. grannie

    Jumpin' Frog Bag

    Thank you it sounds interesting
  6. grannie

    Free Spirit Amigurumi Doll

    The doll is just to cute,thank you for the pattern
  7. grannie

    Circles to squares baby blanket

    It is adorable
  8. Beautiful work and love the colors
  9. grannie

    simple cotton purse

    cute purse thank you for the pattern
  10. another beautiful one thank you
  11. grannie

    Two Tiger Charts!

    great graphs thank you
  12. grannie

    I am hooked! My amigirumi cat

  13. grannie

    A & Eagle graph in progress ...

    beautiful work