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  1. Thank you all for your replies!! Since some of you asked for an update, here is a picture of my originally slanted square and a new one I've started in which I've used the turning method; as you can see the difference is really noticeable
  2. Welcome to the Crochetville family!!!
  3. Hi everybody!! I've just recently learnt how to stitch the basic granny stitch and I'm noticing, as you can see in the pictures, that they slant to the right quite a bit. I'm using acrylic perle with a size 3 hook, was thinking on using a half size smaller one (2.50 size one) but not sure if the problem is really in the hook or what I'm doing wrong. Any ideas that could help with this anyone?
  4. Welcome, hope you have a great time with us in here :-)
  5. Welcome from Spain!!! ????
  6. Hi, everybody!! I am back after 8 years from the last time I was here and I'm happy to do so since my memories of my time here are very fond :-) However, personal and professional commitments kept me afk for quite a while but as I said before I'm happy to be back. For those who don't know me, I'm 46yo and I live in Spain. I've been crotcheting since I was very little and I've found it to be a real source of relaxation. Apart from that, I divide my time between my feline family (Tesla, Hunter and Venus) and my belonging to a Lindy Hop dancing ensemble, my partner and I also belong to a Classic Car club and I particularly am very fond of flea markets and vintage antique shops.
  7. I have something for big hobo bags; there's always a milion things I need to carry with myself and these are just perfect. You did a great job on yours, came out just great, congrats!!
  8. You did a great job with the lining Congrats!!!!!
  9. Very nice, I love the shape and the color Good job!!
  10. Fredja

    first time

    Welcome from Spain You'll love it here, you'll see
  11. Fredja


    Welcome from Spain and glad you like it here
  12. A big and a warm all the way from Spain
  13. Ok, then, you should get my pink and white squares in about two weeks, all acrylic (spanish postal service is waaaaay slow )
  14. Croshay, I posted yesterday that I just sent my squares your way and also asked if it's ok to make orange ones with 50% wool 50% acrylic as it's already in my stash and I don't know where that post went Is it ok for me to use this yarn?
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