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  1. Love Crochet carries Catania's full range of colors and they can send them worldwide
  2. Thank you all for your replies!! Since some of you asked for an update, here is a picture of my originally slanted square and a new one I've started in which I've used the turning method; as you can see the difference is really noticeable
  3. Welcome to the Crochetville family!!!
  4. Hi everybody!! I've just recently learnt how to stitch the basic granny stitch and I'm noticing, as you can see in the pictures, that they slant to the right quite a bit. I'm using acrylic perle with a size 3 hook, was thinking on using a half size smaller one (2.50 size one) but not sure if the problem is really in the hook or what I'm doing wrong. Any ideas that could help with this anyone?
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