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    married 27 years-can you believe it! two grown children - no grandkids...yet
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    family & friends, outdoor gardening, crocheting, reading
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    1970 or so
  1. Hi Julie & :welcomefrom NW CT. I'm a frequent Downeast Maine visitor too.
  2. I think I need the incentive to keep myself going. I didn't join any gift CAL this year & hardly got any gifts made. Wound up shopping more than normal. I have a few things I'll need to make during the year, such as a big tank ami for my DS for his 30th birthday. Other than that, I know I'll need some help to focus my energy on holiday gifts & getting ideas.
  3. Beautiful shawl. Light & lacy but just enough to keep the cool air off of you. My daughter will be getting married next August. This might be perfect for her to have at the reception if the A/C gets too chilly but not cover up her gown too much. It will be nice to make as a gift for her anyway. Thanks for sharing!
  4. I think you're describing a hat made by CrochetDad. He had one of his hat patterns in one of the crochet magazines (I forget which) but it was within the last year. His patterns are on Etsy. I bought his fedora pattern. It's nice for men or women.
  5. Crochetpatterncentral.com is full of patterns for gifts like this. Everything from headbands to potholders to coffee cozys to stuffed toys. No matter what you make, they'll enjoy it because you took the time to make it for them.
  6. Leisure Arts does have a pattern for a one piece pineapple afghan. I know you said that you don't have any way to purchase online, but here's the information about the afghan from Leisure Arts. Maybe you can find a copy of the book from one of the libraries in your area. Good luck.
  7. That's my standard potholder now. I can always pack just a ball of cotton & a hook to take with me anywhere. No pattern required.
  8. When you're looking for patterns on Ravelry, you can select to just see free patterns or not. If I see a pattern for sale online, I'll check on Ravelry to see if the designer has it available for sale there. I can store it in my files on my computer & in my pattern library on Ravelry & it will be there - even if I lose files on my computer. Of course, I save my pattern files in three different places......
  9. Did you try using Google translator? It helped me enough so I could figure out the pattern. It was in Polish, not in Turkish though....
  10. If you can do basic machine sewing, make yourself a small microwave hot sack that will fit from your thumb across your fingers. I fill mine with rice. I make channels in the sack & add the rice with a funnel to each channel, then stitch the top closed. Another thing that helps me is using a hook with a thicker handle. I like ones that have polymer clay around them but there are ergonomic hooks too. I can't do any thread crochet anymore unless I'm willing to only work on it for 20 minutes or less every few days. Two stranded projects are the same as well. Most importantly, keep it moving. I hope you find a combo that works for you.
  11. You should try his pattern for a man's fedora type hat. Very sharp looking.
  12. Nice to know the pattern is easily adjusted - even if you don't know you did it!
  13. What a cute basket! Thanks for sharing it.
  14. Nice to know that it was easy to do. I plan to make it this winter - unless I hear sooner that there's a grandbaby on the way!
  15. That pattern is on my list for my grandbabies. Since we're Irish heritage I thought it would be fitting. I have the yarn for the first one. Just have to wait for whenever people get around to making me a grandma, not that I'm impatient or anything.
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