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  1. Thanks for the enthusiastic opinion about my snakes--not everyone likes them. The snake braclets take about 6 hours and the necklaces take about 26. The bracelets are easy projects to take with you to work on while on the subway or waiting somewhere. The Turkish Flat Bead Crochet bracelets are much easier; they take about an hour. Adele
  2. On the subject of Turkish Flat Crochet, I thought you might like to see the original bracelets that inspired crochetqueen at www.beadcrochetsnakes.com. Click on the Classes tab to see the bracelets. I learned this stitch on a trip to Turkey in November when a friendly shopkeeper in Ephesus showed our group of bead crocheters what she was doing. We didn't speak enough Turkish to ask what the stitch is called, so I made up the name of Turkish Flat Bead Crochet. The bracelets are samples for my class this month. When I posted the photos to our Yahoo group, Eva decided to see if she could figure out what I had done. I keep telling her that she should be proud of her creation and come up with another name because what she is doing is not the Turkish stitch that I learned. I also saw the Turkish Loop stitch in Turkey and interstingly enough, the Turkish beaders are doing it with 3 loop in a row while the Germans and Japanese beaders are doing it with two loops in a row. The three-loop version looks nicer, but the two-loop version works up faster.
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