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  1. I would like to buy the pattern as well if anyone has one to see. or can direct me to the link to purchase. Thank you, Angela anangel2anangel@aol.com
  2. Hey ladies, the newbie got one finished, it's really tight and the ends are curled. I was too tired to frog it after froggin about 10 times. I will redo it, but just wanted to let you ladies know I did it!!! I haven't been able to do anything right since I started crocheting 9 months ago will update in a day or so. Ang in SC
  3. Hello Everyone, I have the book. I am going to use, tan w/specks in it for the first square and all the others with be a variety of some sort of tan,cream,off white,brown etc. wish me luck.
  4. I have my colors, I just need to know where to start, can someone pm me the instructions or where to get the book, or point me to the link? Thanks a bunch, I am very excited:)
  5. I am still fairly new at crocheting. I haven't done a crochet-along. I am ready for the challenge...I think Where do I sign up? Angela
  6. Thank you! once again the butterflies are beautiful!!!! Angela:cheer You have a new fan
  7. Thank you Laramary Wow is all I can say! lots to choose from and user friendly!
  8. Can anyone tell me where I can find an angel pattern that I can use to make angels to take to sick and shut ins, nursing homes, hospice etc? I am new at this and I dont know all the legalese about copyright laws for using patterns. I have found a few that give the ok for charity but haven't found any angel patterns that give the thumbs up. Any help greatly appreciated. please PM so I can be sure and get the messages? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hello and Welcome from Angela SC
  10. welcome aboard. Angela from SC
  11. Hi Ms. Dot, I have been learning to crochet from your site. I have been at it about 5 months now. I haven't tackled anything big yet, but this is something I may try. Wish me luck:) Angy
  12. Hang in there Spaycee, I have been at it for about 5 months. I can do simple projects. I still get frustrated. I had a car accident 6/04 and started crocheting to wake up my brain! Things that would seem sooooo easy in my other life are embrassing hard for me. But I will never give up and I will never lose the ability to laugh at myself. Save all your projects so you can look back a few months from now and say to yourself...I can't believe a single crochet dishcloth gave me so much trouble . I pulled out some granny squares from a month ago and they look like monsters!!! Well, I guess I could call them "free form" crochet eh? But the thing is I never gave up. It took me a whole MONTH to learn to do a granny. I was so darn happy I told anybody that would listen! So hang in there! Aloha
  13. Kirstin I am not going to be much help because I am a newbie, but what the one person mentioned about chaining 2 looks better than the 3 and once the scarf is finished I things pretty much even out once its stretched a bit, not really strected but sort of pulled and made even. at least mine did. It had to do with my tension. I struggle with that. It's hit or miss. Good luck. Are you from Hawaii? I moved from there to SC. Aloha, ahui hou, Anela
  14. The last message I sent to Gina was for you! Trying to rush off the puter to get to my coaster!
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