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  1. I am so excited! I received my orders for various amigurumi books. These were my gift to myself for Christmas. Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts! Amigurumi by Tomoko Takamori Amigurumi! Super Happy Crochet Cute by Elisabeth A. Doherty Mr. Funky's Super Crochet Wonderful by Narumi Ogawa I also ordered "How to Make a Crochet Nappy Cake" by Carolyn Christmas (Gourmet Crochet) and I mention it here because it has a couple amigurumi's in it. I totally want to order her other pattern books for amigurumi's because I think she has a wonderful cute style. But at around $8 a pop, I find myself wishing she would just publish a book because it would be a much better deal for us! But when I get back to some semblance of financial health (after the massive expenses of this time of year!), I will definitely order some of her booklets because where else can you learn to crochet so many cakes and unique thingies? :manyheart
  2. Yes, the peppermint one is so cute. I ordered some books about how to make crocheted toys (as a Christmas gift to myself!). I think you inspired me.
  3. Hey there Tina...just peeked at your blog. Your scrappy bears are so cute, and so is stripey bear. Good job! I love them.
  4. No pressure. Enjoy the holidays...but if you ever feel inspired to share a pic, I think our thread needs it! I really must share some pics too. I always end up giving things away before taking a picture with my digital camera. Impulsive, I guess! I get all caught up in the moment and forget. I'm hoping to receive the Little House books for Christmas...and if I don't, I'm going to buy them for myself. Then I can find something to inspire me from the book. So far, I have only watched all the t.v. shows and they are great for spotting crochet items (and knit). Ma's shawl is what I've been meaning to crochet for ages now.
  5. Let's not let this thread die! I simply must find the time to make my Caroline Ingall's shawl! Hmm... As an aside, I'm hoping to receive some Little House books or books about Laura Ingalls Wilder for Christmas. My amazon wish list is loaded up with about 20+ books on that subject. Perhaps Santa has read my Christmas wish list!
  6. Yeah, it sures is a time consuming gift. You have a great point about buying some items too. I will have to carefully consider my best use of time. I also figured that the assembling of the thing takes time. Does the booklet make it seem like it would be hard to put the whole thing together? Just kinda curious! I'll buy the booklet regardless, as it seems to contain so much in the way of ideas and patterns. Have you seen some of her other patterns? I noticed she has these crochet patterns for making sweets such as cakes. If you want a free pattern, Lion Brand has a free crocheted cupcake pattern. I thought it would be SO much fun to get gourmet crochet's patterns for sweets and make them for my little girl, when she gets old enough to have a play kitchen.
  7. Hi Donna, Thanks for your wonderful suggestions. Perhaps I will come up with my own assemblage of crocheted items, whether I make it in to the shape of a cake or not. I do have a fair bit of time because the person (my sister-in-law) is expecting in late May. And I also plan to ask my grandmother to work on it with me, so that she could make all the simpler items and I could make the tough stuff like the stuffed animals and perhaps the entrelac edged blanket. But it crossed my mind to use the instructions as suggestions, and make other things if I find something else that I think would be nicer (or easier!) I'll have to update later. As for now, I am just about to buy the pattern...if I can get hubby to agree.
  8. Has anyone worked this pattern? (http://www.gourmetcrochet.com/index_files/Page6556.htm) I am just curious as to how it works up. Is it as cute as the picture shows? Is it hard to assemble? I wonder if some of the items are frustratingly hard to make, or whether it's all fairly straightforward. Also, if anyone else knows of any really special baby shower gifts, I wouldn't mind getting a suggestion of other patterns to try. Thank you in advance!
  9. Those are all good programs. I enjoy that sort of thing too. You have to have a quirky sense of humor (by american standards, I guess!)
  10. I don't live in Nebraska, but I was wondering what it's like in Omaha. My husband was just offered a job there and I'm curious what it's like there (although we may not accept the job offer!)
  11. sure, Kn*tting counts. I wish I could get the nerves up to learn to knit socks. I tried once and chickened out when it came to the heel. I agree Ma was really pretty. The actress to. But the actual Ma was a very nice looking woman. They both look like nice people.
  12. I'm still stuck without the right yarn to make my Little House crochet project. But I thought I'd share something that I realized recently. Did you guys realize that Ma and Pa Ingall's in real life were such a handsome couple? I saw an old photograph of them in a documentary (included in season nine of the t.v. show) and it really touched me because in the picture, Charles had one arm around his wife, and with his other hand, he was holding her hand. They appeared to be in their late twenties or perhaps their thirties. It seems like they really loved each other just from the way they chose to pose in that picture (he couldn't keep his hands off of her!) Unfortunately, I can't find a large version of the picture online but here is a smaller copy of it: http://www.childrenstheatreplays.com/images/liw-mapa1.jpg What is so sad is that they cropped that picture so that you can't see that they are holding hands. But here's a clearer picture of Charles Ingalls (I think he's a little older here). I think he's so handsome. I love him. Even though he has a huge beard! http://hoover.archives.gov/LIW/DeSmet/images/ingallspa.jpg Somewhere in one of the extra bonus programs on the ninth season, the guy who plays Almanzo Wilder (Dean Butler) comments on how the books showed how much Laura loved her dad. He says the theme of the books is really how much she loved him. He looks like such a good soul. Just had to share. Loving Charles Ingalls these days!
  13. Thanks for the help on this. I like your Web site, by the way. I recommend it a lot when people want to learn to crochet.
  14. Hi Tracey, Your list looks great. (Hint for other people here: Look at the first post on this thread for a list of ideas of what to make from the books and t.v. shows). I'm going to start watching the t.v. shows again, starting from the beginning. If I can figure out how to capture screen images and save them as jpegs, I'll have to post some of the crocheted items I see. Or maybe just describe things with words...?
  15. Thanks everyone for your helpful replies! I'm going to try again soon, and hopefully she'll get it this time. I think with your suggestions here, I will be able to help her. Thanks thanks!
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