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    w PA USA
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    crochet, birds, golf, log cabins, photography
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    cabin builder,election official
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    since the 1960's
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    doll clothes
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  1. Megananne3

    Spring birds + new pics in post #18

    So cute! Their big owl eyes really made me smile.
  2. Megananne3

    Spring has Sprung - 18" doll

    Darski, This is absolutely darling, and I just love the variegated colors you chose.It's really eye catching and detailed. Meg
  3. Megananne3

    Happy 9th Birthday, Crochetville!

    9 years of a great community! I love the new tagline, too.
  4. Megananne3

    Hello from Pa

    You're in great company-crochet lovers and many folks from PA. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, but now live in the nw corner of the state. I've been crocheting for almost 40 years, and I still get projects that turn out just like you described. My advice- go right ahead and try any crochet project that you want! It may not always turn out perfect, but you will enjoy it and learn something.
  5. Megananne3

    Snowflake Trivet

    Lovely workmanship! Are you really going to put it down on your Thanksgiving table, where it will be admired [but might get turkey gravy on it!!] just kidding...
  6. Megananne3

    Crochet from apollo,pa

    You've come to the right place for inspiration and fellow crochet fans! I'm from nwPA, originally Pittsburgh.
  7. Megananne3

    Christmas stockings

    This is where the original pattern came from, before I added my own touches, like ribbon and fun fur.
  8. The competition is coming to a close. Is everyone on schedule for a medal??!!
  9. :cheerGO TEAMS! I didn't get a chance to participate this year, but I'm rooting for everyone who has taken on a crocheting challenge. You're all great!! How's everyone doing?
  10. Megananne3

    Babies Dressed For a Charity Sale

    Cute dresses for a lovely, caring gesture! There are going to be some happy little girls happy to have a baby doll of their very own.
  11. Megananne3

    Hello :)

    That's wonderful -about your twins and the desire to make something for them! You will find lots of inspiration and help here! Meg in PA
  12. Megananne3

    Glad to join Crochetville Community

    Welcome to the forum, from a transplanted Pittsburgher. There are lots of crafty people from PA here!
  13. Megananne3

    Hello From Pa

    Hello Cyndi, Welcome from the nw corner of PA. You'll find lots to love here!
  14. Megananne3

    Doll dress

    Really beautiful!! I love the color choices.
  15. Megananne3

    The Unfinished Project

    Thanks everyone, for the compliments and wonderful suggestions. It's making me really look at the dress with fresh ideas. I was regretting not being able to finish it, as the pattern showed, but now I'm considering other possibilities. Maybe I can run ribbon through the unfinished portion, and a matching one around the waist, maybe in a cranberry color, and add the straw hat suggested! It sure would make the dress a year round favorite, not just a wedding day item. Tampa, I'm glad to hear prisms helped you! I have prisms in my glasses lenses, but it only helps about 1%. The problem is that I had a harrowing, twelve hour surgery to remove a golf ball sized tumor, and part of it had to be left inside my head, because it is so close to my optic nerve that removing it would cost me my sight in one eye. I am so lucky though. The surgery didn't cause paralysis, stroke or any brain damage. The double vision is permanent, but the prisms allow me to read and write a little, and CROCHET!