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  1. Here's a pic of the first sock of my pair. I used the Origami Turkish Sock pattern. Yarn used was Sugar Bunny Blvd Emeline - color name is Old Navy. The fiber content is 55% Bamboo, 24% Cotton, 21% elastic.
  2. I joined the CAL late in the game but I just finished the first sock of my pair. I used Sugar Bunny Blvd Emeline. The color is Old Navy. The fiber content is 55% Bamboo, 24% Cotton, 21% elastic. I used the Origami Turkish Sock pattern. The combination of the sock yarn and the stitch pattern feels really comfy on my feet. Here's a pic:
  3. I love those colors! You did a beautiful job.
  4. I know I'm chiming in late but I'd love to join this CAL. I took Karen's class and made my first pair of socks & I think I'm addicted now.
  5. Everything is beautiful. Thank you so much for putting it all together so nicely.
  6. Sorry, forgot to enclose my screen name. I'm Cheryl in Ohio. Glad to know the squares got there so quickly. Looking forward to seeing pics of all the beautiful squares and also of the finished ghan.
  7. Ooh! That's pretty! I really like it.
  8. Really like those. You did a great job on them!
  9. That's the first thing I saw too - a poinsettia. That's just gorgeous!
  10. They are all adorable but I like the white one best too. Beautiful job.
  11. I love them both. Amazing and lovely, as always!
  12. Beautiful! My daughter would flip over that. I love the trim too.
  13. Ooh . . . I love your version! Thanks for sharing with us. I want to make one for my son but don't think it will be for Christmas this year.
  14. Ooh . . . those are so cute! I like them!
  15. They're all gorgeous but I'm kind of partial to the cream/black one also.
  16. Your hats are just beautiful. I have to agree that I think the tree could be a bit smaller to complement the hat and not be the focal point.
  17. Oh, I like that. I could use something like that to carry some casseroles to my parents' house for Thanksgiving. Very clever.
  18. That's very pretty. I especially like the lining. I need to make one of these soon.
  19. Ooh . . . sounds cute. Definitely going to have to make it. My son loves frogs. Thanks for sharing your pattern!
  20. Another adorable creation! The set is beautiful, I love the scarf.
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