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  1. beaglelover

    carpal tunnel?

    When I'm trying to get something done quickly and crochet several hours a day I get a lot of pain in my right hand. It even starts to bother my elbow and wrist. I now try to limit the amount of hours I crochet each day. That's tough when I want to get something completed!!
  2. beaglelover

    How do you write a pattern?

    I know how to read patterns, so I have all the abbreviations down pat. Where do you start at writing patterns??? I love making amigarumi-type animals, toys etc.... I really want to start selling them, but they're not my patterns so I can't. So, I'm now thinking of just writing my own and then I can sell to my heart's desire. So, again.....where do I start??? Help! I'm thinking dogs, cows, hippos, pigs etc.....
  3. beaglelover

    Sugar Cookie Ornament

    That's SWEET!!
  4. beaglelover

    Cranky Crocheter

    I must think positive thoughts! I must think positive thoughts! I must think positive thoughts! Ahhh...better.
  5. beaglelover

    Cranky Crocheter

    I've been having a lot of cranky days lately. I think party of it is the heat. I really hate summer no matter how much I try to deny it. I'm in a much better mood come September. Add to my crankiness a toddler who is also cranky and two school-aged children who are fightening about who's touching who and who is name-calling. I just want to rip my hair out some days. I want nothing more than to go to the yarn store and browse the aisles and dream. Well, with three children - that just cannot happen!! I hear you!!!
  6. beaglelover

    Brand new today!

    Hello and welcome from Illinois!
  7. beaglelover

    Do I have to share?

    I think you have every right to keep it to yourself. You were very generous in offering to make her one. And I agree....she could figure it out on her own if she is really wanting it that badly.
  8. beaglelover

    I wonder how much yarn

    I'm glad someone else asked....I wasn't sure what a Babette was either!
  9. beaglelover

    Quick & Easy Granny Square

    Believe it or not, I crocheted for years before I learned how to do a Granny Square. I just read the directions out of a book (many crochet books have this pattern printed in them.) The key to learning this or any crochet pattern....practice, practice, practice.
  10. beaglelover


    I bought Mr. Funky's Super Crochet Wonderful from Amazon. The author is Japanese, but the book is in English. The patterns are easy to follow. I never did amigurumi before and I made three of them. The author is Narumi Ogawa.
  11. beaglelover

    12-point Round Ripple

    Does anyone have a link to a free pattern for a 12-point Round Ripple? I am doing one right now and I would like to compare my directions to another one to see if it's right. I'm having some "issues". Thanks:crocheting
  12. beaglelover

    Round Ripple Curl?

    The pattern I am using I found here somewhere. It's called Baby's Round Ripple Afghan. I'm just changes the colors. I only see in round 3 that it says to do the v-st around. By round 4 I'm starting the points. Does this sound different? Aggie suggested 2 rounds large shell adn 1 round small. That seems to have helped a lot, but any other suggestions would be apprecitated as I would like to make more of these.:yes
  13. beaglelover

    Round Ripple Curl?

    Thanks so much! I was getting frustrated that I'd ruined the whole thing. I appreciate the help!
  14. beaglelover

    Round Ripple Curl?

    Thank you soooo much. I must try this!
  15. Hi. I've never done a CAL but just started a Round Ripple of my own so I'd love to join along. I am having a problem getting my ghan to lay flat. I'm alternating 2 rounds of small shells and 2 rounds of large shells like the pattern says. Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas?