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  1. I got it. It was where the trim rows hit the bottom rows, plus I had to change yarn there, and I wasn't Picking up all the stitches. I should have known, being up all night sick isn't the best time to figure things out. The trim is going great. A picture is Worth a thousand words! THANKS.
  2. Thanks guys. I'll check it out. my brains a little addled with this asthmatic bronchitis, but I should be able to figure it out. On the plus side, I redid the arm strap trim and like it even better the second time around.
  3. I know, trying to explain it was confusing me. I think if I know the counts it will help. is 120 how many sc needed across bottom edge? How many pineapples are there around in the small? Do u stop that 2nd trim row at the button loop? Or continue down the sides of the five rows, and slip st. Where? I'll have to look at it to see if that answers all my questions. I can make it work. But I'd really like it to be right, so the stitch count will help. Thanks.
  4. Anyone have a count on how many pineapple s are around in the small?
  5. Dadduck822, I re read the posts last night, and I saw where Kim recommends NOT to finish off for the hem until after u block it. So I would go ahead and follow her blocking suggestions. Keep the thread attached. Wrap it up and give it to her. Worse case scenario, u are all set to make it a little longer once she tries it on. Or u just finish it off real quick when it's a perfect fit! I made my son's girlfriend try it on blindfolded when the bodice was almost done. (which I am stuck on at the moment). Her b day is also Fri. But she's in Fla. Now, so I have another week. I really wanted to give it to her before then, but I got sick, and stuck;(
  6. I know I sound be going from 116 stitches to 120 stitches (sm). And I know the extra stitches come from the trim we added. But where to stop and start the trim must be part of my problem. earlier on trim, I do think one place I turned was around the corner. But the other way I went to the opposite side. And I really understood how to connect the funny and back. It's starting the round, where that connection is. I really want to do it right, but right now I end up with 3 ch3 IN THE FRONT.
  7. I'm having trouble with neckline somewhere. Do we stop 2nd neckline round at button loop? Then first sc is not at the bottom, and i didn't join the two sides? When did we finish off the first trim row after adding that last row? It leaves a gap. Do we need 120 stitches across bottom only. How many pineappled are there? I know this is confusing. But I must be interpreting something wrong. HELP.
  8. I'd love one for myself. But now I doubt that the 18 yr old would appreciate a 56 yr old wearing the same top;) See my need for a new CAL.
  9. Lillyport, and anyone else, Kim has patterns on Crochetville, her site Crochetkim, WIPs 'N Chains blog, on Facebook Make It Crochet. To name a few. I would love to do more of her tops as a CAL. (Even though I'm usually off schedule somewhat).
  10. Everyone's looks great. It's nice seeing all the colors in the pics. And Villeger, just think how u will sail through this this time. Did u try calling the bus company? Maybe someone turned it in. Good luck and sorry this happened.
  11. Kim, I'm so excited. I FINALLY ACHIEVED GAUGE! I can always get the height part, but my width is always bigger. This is unblocked, so I guess when worn the height gets bigger too. So I restarted with a 4.25 hook for the big hook. and it's correct. Well, I still didn't BLOCK it, but I blindfolded the recipient, and it JUST fit. She said it was a bit snug under arms, but I remember u said it will seem that way till it's done and blocked. Right? It's a gift for her 18th birthday. My Mom used to sew and try things on us blindfolded. It used to drive us crazy with curiosity! But she's lucky, at least there were no PINS in it! Lol I'm so glad I finally got to start this. I love thread crochet, but don't normally do it.
  12. I just haven't been able to start this yet, although I do have to soon as it's a birthday gift. My question is, how long Will the discussions be open? I'm not sure when the CAL end s. But is it still available after that?
  13. I want to start this tonight, but I also want to do a baby sweater for a new baby my friends daughter had. But I must put on 4 buttons to finish 3 other projects first. I can procrastinate really well. OK, 4 buttons and starting somethinig tonight!!
  14. Looks like I posted about my kit in the wrong place. I just got my thread. It's a beautiful red. Can't wait to start. I'm making mine for my son's girlfriend. She's turning 18 early April, and going to Florida for her Senior trip! So it will be perfect. She has really dark hair, and light skin, so the red will really pop on her.
  15. Hi Darlene, I'm sorry you had an allergic reaction. I am certainly no doctor, but have suffered from allergies and asthma for years. Some scents bother me too. I'm wondering, If it's because the thread has been packaged in plastic, Keeping all the smells in there. I have problems with candles when I open a new package, But not when I have them out or I burn them. It seems like the concentratrated scent does it to me. I was wondering, if you could air them all outside, to see if you could get the sccent off of it. Of course be careful, have your inhaler or epi pen ready. And certainly don't endanger yourself. It's just a thought. If you do need new thread, I would go to the store to buy it, so you can smell it first. Good luck!!
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