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  1. Thanks everyone! Any other Lomita people here?
  2. When I crochet, I usually have near me: 1. My Gloves in a Bottle lotion (love this stuff!) 2. My cat by my side, sleeping 3. Scissors, stitch markers, etc.
  3. I really love "Gloves in a Bottle". It's in a blue bottle, and it works wonders! I bought it at my yarn store.
  4. Where do you keep your hooks? In a crochet binder... the one by Boye, it holds them all, except for my huge hooks. Do you block stuff? No. Do you dream "in crochet"? No Biggest think you ever crocheted? Celebrity Shawl. Where do you keep your WIPs? In plastic ziploc bags in metal cubicles. Do you make things for yourself? Yes, almost all the time, unless a birthday comes up and I have to make something for someone.
  5. First thing you ever crocheted? A very long baby pink scarf. Strangest place you have crocheted? Hmmm... I don't know...I guess a football game? Fave thing to make? The Celebrity Shawl (Stitch Diva) Do you do charity stuff? If so, what? Yes, beanies. Fave yarn? Patons Classic Merino Wool Fave hook? Size? Boye or Bates? I like the "I" hooks, Clover. Hardest thing you ever crocheted? I haven't done anything difficult yet. Is there anything about crochet that completely stumps you? The really elaborate shawls with difficult floral patterns. Also, how do people crochet without developing wrist trouble.
  6. I like this idea, too.. although.. what is a UBW hat? I've been making beanies and newsboy hats and giving them away as Christmas presents. I average about a day or 2 on a hat. Here's the newsboy I made, although I pulled it down a little over my ears, so it looks like a toque. This hat goes pretty quick and is easy to do. I was wondering, though...what type of yarn do you all use to make hats? I live in SoCal and although it doesn't get too cold, it does get warm. The one I made in the pic is a mix of acrylic and wool. I'm looking to make a few more for family in Canada...What do you suggest?
  7. Hi everyone, I was wondering how do you have a pattern copyrighted? Where do you go/ what do you have to do? Thanks.
  8. I just love Angel Hair! How many skeins did you use? I wanted to make some others... and wanted to avoid using Homespun. Angel Hair is so easy to see.
  9. Wow! I just finished my poncho a few minutes ago, logged on.. and you know what's funny? I bought the Crystalite hook last week when I started the poncho! Goes to show we're thinking alike. You know. I did notice that.. the Susan Bates hooks are easier to use! So.. I ended up buying a whole set of Susan Bates hooks. My Boyes are now sitting in a vase, for use when i have multiple projects. I am surprised how much of a difference it made! I actually finally finished it with the edging done correctly. The past 2 that I made.. the edgings were like half done, because the yarn got so difficult to deal with, and I was using the Boyes. Another funny thing; I only use 3 skeins of Homespun, not 4. I am hoping I did it right.. did you use all 4 skeins?
  10. I think it's great that the ponchos got more airtime; I didn't get to see the episode, but I'm sure it was a good one. I am just wondering what kind of yarn she is being used to make the ones on her website. I still make mine with Homespun (i've already made 2 and am working on a 3rd one for Christmas presents), and battle with it constantly. Has anyone else made this poncho and what kind of yarn do you use?
  11. Wow, are you serious? I never thought of that.. how big did you make it? eeek....I am trying to imagine transporting the project to my meetup group, lol.
  12. Hi Billy, nice to see you found this site as well! Hope to see you at a meeting soon! This is a great site for learning, etc. I've already read quite a bit on these forums and I haven't been a registered user very long!
  13. I thought I was the only one with sore wrists! My right wrist gets horribly sore, and when that starts to happen during crochet, I put my project down and work on my knitted project. That doesn't seem to be any better because then my left palm starts to cramp up. I took up knitting to relieve my wrist from crocheting.. but...either way.. after working nearly all day, my hands are killing me.
  14. Hi everyone, I was wondering what is the quickest and easiest stitch for an afghan? She wants it to be light blue and brown. I have never made one before, because I have always stuck to smaller projects. What do you all suggest?
  15. Welcome to the forums! You'll love it here! It's a great resource!
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