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  1. I agree that the cost of yarn is ridiculous. I do get upset at yarn snobs, because not everyone has a lot of money to spend on a project. I usually purchase the cheaper acrylic yarns, like Caron Simply Soft, or use wool-ease. They're much easier to take care of; just put in the washer. I have only bought expensive yarn to make presents. But anything for a child, or a hat, blanket, those are going to be acrylic because they are durable. With pricier yarn, and I mean $6 and up for a skein, I have made shawls and ponchos, as well as felted bags. Those are worth it, because they are probably going to be dry cleaned. I usually always substitute different yarns than in the pattern. I really wanted to purchase Noro Silk yarn to make a shawl.. but it would have cost me $100!
  2. Thanks everyone! Any other Lomita people here?
  3. Thanks! I will post pictures when I'm done. I stopped into my LYS today, and saw some really pretty Anny Blatt ribbon... but didn't buy it because it would have cost about $80 to make the shawl out of it. So, I kind of looked around, but will purchase the Angel Hair when I'm done with the yarn I'm using now. Too bad it costs so much for such nice yarn.
  4. Thank you Shelleden, that really helps... 4 skeins... I love Angel Hair too, I've been dying to make it, but wasn't sure how many skeins I'd have to buy. I made the "Coming Home" Poncho with it, and it worked well... now, I'm looking forward to buying the yarn in the turquoise color. I'm currently making this shawl with Caron's Simply Soft also, using an H hook. I suspect I'll probably use 3 skeins. I'll post pictures when I'm done. It seems that working the pattern from the bottom up, seems to take longer! Anyone else observe this?
  5. Aziandoll

    Yucky Yarn

    It's not possible to return it? I'd probably resell it on ebay, linking back to the original listing. Or, maybe a machine knitter can use it.
  6. Well, I still haven't found any Addi Turbo crochet hooks in my area. I will have to buy them online. I even looked on eBay and didn't find them there. Anyhow, I wanted to try the Clover Soft Touch hooks, and they were ok. The only think that bothered me was that I found that when I did treble stitches with chunky yarn, there isn't much room on the shaft of the hook. I used a J hook and ended up pretty disappointed and traded off from time to time with my Susan Bates hook. I do love the Clover alumninum hook, which I will probably purchase since I will have more room to do yarn overs. Has anyone else had this problem and found that the handle of the Clover soft touch hooks got in the way? I love that they relax my grip a little when I crochet, but the lack of room is a problem.
  7. Shelleden, how many skeins did it take you to make yours from Homespun so far? I am debating whether I need more or not. Yours looks wonderful! If it's huge, it'll be extra nice because you can wrap it around an extra time, right? Anyhow, did you use a J hook for it? I am thinking of using a J hook because I have a difficult time with homespun. The bottom picture looks just as nice as well, Caron simply soft is wonderful! I should get a few skeins of those as well.
  8. Yay, I don't know what happened, but I was able to download it today! Now, has anyone tried making this shawl using Homespun? Just wondering.. because I have 4 skeins of it, and was thinking of using it to make it.
  9. When I crochet, I usually have near me: 1. My Gloves in a Bottle lotion (love this stuff!) 2. My cat by my side, sleeping 3. Scissors, stitch markers, etc.
  10. I would, but there is nothing for me to click on to download like with previous orders. I was thinking that maybe their site is temporarily shut down or it's after hours, since I order at night.
  11. Did you have any trouble downloading your pattern? I bought the "revised" pattern as well, and nothing happened. I'm a little worried, because I submitted my order twice. I emailed them about it, and was wondering if it took you longer than a day to receive your pattern if you downloaded it.
  12. I really love "Gloves in a Bottle". It's in a blue bottle, and it works wonders! I bought it at my yarn store.
  13. Where do you keep your hooks? In a crochet binder... the one by Boye, it holds them all, except for my huge hooks. Do you block stuff? No. Do you dream "in crochet"? No Biggest think you ever crocheted? Celebrity Shawl. Where do you keep your WIPs? In plastic ziploc bags in metal cubicles. Do you make things for yourself? Yes, almost all the time, unless a birthday comes up and I have to make something for someone.
  14. First thing you ever crocheted? A very long baby pink scarf. Strangest place you have crocheted? Hmmm... I don't know...I guess a football game? Fave thing to make? The Celebrity Shawl (Stitch Diva) Do you do charity stuff? If so, what? Yes, beanies. Fave yarn? Patons Classic Merino Wool Fave hook? Size? Boye or Bates? I like the "I" hooks, Clover. Hardest thing you ever crocheted? I haven't done anything difficult yet. Is there anything about crochet that completely stumps you? The really elaborate shawls with difficult floral patterns. Also, how do people crochet without developing wrist trouble.
  15. I just made several of these shawls, and after coming back to one after 6 months, I have misplaced my pattern!I was wondering...for the border around... does anyone know what it is? Thanks...
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