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    Born and raised in Grand Rapids MI, married, loves her kittens
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    crochet, scrapbooking
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  1. EMedley

    Have You Updated Your Blog Today? II

    UPDATED!!! with a new featured crafter http://crochetmedley.blogspot.com/
  2. EMedley

    Anyone in Michigan??

    We're in Chesterfield now, 30 mins from Detroit
  3. EMedley

    In deseprate need of...

    Bernat Denimstyle In Rodeo Tan!!! Im sure its discontinued now. Please let me know if you have some you are willing to part with. THANK YOU
  4. EMedley

    Here’s April

  5. just dropping in to say hi all!!!
  6. EMedley

    C’Ville April 2010 Tote

    CONGRATS!!! What a good Easter gift
  7. EMedley

    C’Ville April 2010 Tote

    Aw, I love it, its beautiful. I love the yarn too, so soft. Great job!!!
  8. EMedley

    Prayers and Squares needed - Thank you to all!

    So its been a long time coming but since my friend lives in Cali we rarely see each other. In fact we have missed each other her last two visits. They haven't been good visits for that matter but oh well. She received her blanket on her trip to MI for Xmas. She loves it, and wants to let you all know that. She wasn't much for words but I heard there were some tears She is back in Cali now and after several months of things going well it sounds like they are getting hard again. Continued prayers would be great. Thank you all for helping me make something special for someone dear to me. She is ever so deserving. Thanks again ladies, Im hoping to give my MIL hers in August when we see them, we shall see
  9. EMedley

    C’Ville March 2010 Tote

    awwww yeah!!! congrats!!!
  10. EMedley

    C’Ville March 2010 Tote

    any hints where MAdness is headed?
  11. EMedley

    C’Ville March 2010 Tote

    Ohhh very nice!!! eye opening for sure and funky too! great job
  12. EMedley

    Valentine’s Table February 2010

    the rug under the table is my favorite
  13. EMedley

    C’Ville February 2010 Tote

    HAHA, nice hint Mary Jo. I love the purple, specially since its not totally typical valentine red or pink. The name suits it also, good job on the mans part. Look forward to seeing the winner
  14. Hey there ladies! Just dropping in to say hello now that things have started(hopefully) to calm down around here!!! Happy New Year to you all also. Going to share a picture with you all... its very funny.
  15. EMedley

    C’Ville January 2010 Tote

    Awww its so pretty!!!