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  1. Thank you both for the suggestions. I might try the double sided tape, as I want it to be seen from both the inside and out of window. I thought about sewing them together but I am feeling way too lazy! I have already starched them tho, but wanted to do that no matter what.
  2. So gorgeous. The first doily is my favorite, tho they are all fantastic!
  3. I've recently finished making numerous little doilies and want to place them in my window as a holiday tree. My husband purchased a spray adhesive and since it is permanent, I don't want to use it. Any suggestions on how I can get this in the window? http://www.pinterest.com/pin/483996291178817575/
  4. that's great Dragonracer. i wouldn't mind making one for myself.
  5. it was great, worked up in one full day, minus bathroom breaks!
  6. adorable~ the green tailed pom pom is my favorite~*
  7. Found this great pattern at Bev's Country Cottage http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/hexagon-jacket.html love how it turned out~*
  8. that's gorgeous. is it crochet? do you have info on pattern? lovely work~
  9. my favorite~ it's gorgeous and inspiring.
  10. thank you for your lovely comments. i'm working on a new dress now and have made three sets of booties already! it's addicting, this baby crocheting that is! loving it. peace and best wishes to all~*
  11. they are SO adorable. love the bib!!! awesome work.
  12. so excited, this is my first infant/baby dress to make and my first grandchild to come!! i'm hoping this will fit the new arrival, due in May. i followed a pattern for a romper but then went AWOL from that and decided to go with a dress instead. luckily the stitch count worked. i trimmed the sleeves with a tunisian stitch and love how they turned out. so cute. can't wait to see lil one in it.
  13. what a fun and beautiful piece. bet it leads to interesting conversation too!
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