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  1. EEE_mom

    Heirloom baby blanket

    Okay, i've got a friend having a baby in June. It's a boy I'm trying to find an heirloom baby blanket pattern - something light and lacy but not full of ruffles. I don't mind paying for a pattern/book.... free is also good Thanks all <3
  2. EEE_mom

    2010 Stashbusting CAL - NOW CLOSED!!!

    Okay, so if obtaining yarn is negative, then i'm -8 for the year and if using is positive, then i'm + 6... i think thats right.. thanks, I hope I can keep track
  3. EEE_mom

    2010 Stashbusting CAL - NOW CLOSED!!!

    Hi, my name is Jeannette.... and I'm a yarnaholic.... Okay, i've been wanting to join in here for a while... im still a little fuzzy as to what i'm supposed to be counting exactly... I read the first few posts, I guess i'll just have to give it a whirl and see if I can get the hang of it. We are buying a house that is MUCH smaller than the one we're in so I'm really trying to downsize, and lately it just seems like my stash is growing exponentially! I did really well around christmas ( or at least I THOUGHT I did) by "using up" my vanna's choice to make ponchos... then I realized that every time I used up a color and needed more, I went to the store and bought 2 or 4 new skeins (if it was on sale ) to replace the color i'd used up! So hubby's getting annoyed finally... I think it may be time. I bought 4 skeins of caron simply soft last week so that would be +4 ytd? I haven't killed any balls or skeins that I can remember but I did wind 4 balls from my poncho frenzy that were probably 1/3 or 1/4 of the skeins... does that count?
  4. EEE_mom

    My wool eater afghan

    texture and color are unbelieveable! Just gorgeous!!! What yarn did you use?
  5. On my way to the post office now... Glad to hear you had such a wonderful reunion! God bless!
  6. Ornament will be in the mail this week. I'm not 100% if I'll have the square though...
  7. Just wanted to check in and let you know i'm still on board! We've had some drama over here ( what else is new...) so I haven't been on the boards the last couple of weeks... I'll be out at the Christmas store tomorrow!
  8. I have some ready to go...pm'd for addy
  9. Whats the name of the pattern?
  10. I'm not sure how accurately i'll be able to shape an apple? So I may just purchase one of the quadrillion I NY ornaments there are in this state... however, I WILL be making a 12 inch square....
  11. Okay, this is one I can't pass...what a great idea! i'll take NY - and I'll try for a square also - any particular colors?
  12. EEE_mom

    Buckaroo Blue RR

    LOVE the border!! Colors are great too !
  13. SOOOOOO.... after much ado, illness and lots of whatnot... the blanket has finally been completed and delivered. My sincerest apologies for the delay to all the ville-ers who took the time to send me such beautiful squares. The recipient is camera-phobic, but asked me to deliver a message to you all.... I can't even find the words to say how much this means to me. Just when you begin to lose faith something like this comes along and picks your spirit right back up. I will be saying a prayer for every one of these squares that the wonderful people who made this for me will have the same comfort and joy that i'm feeling right now. What a wonderful gesture. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Pat And not to forget the beautiful scarves from Aggie May - her daughters LOVED them! They each tried on all the scarves (there were 4!) to decide which ones they liked best. I saved all the little notes you all sent along with your squares so that she could read them. I think she had read each one two or three times before I left. Not to mention the hugs and tears of thanks. I can't tell you how much making this blanket meant to me. Sometimes I feel like I may have dragged it out a little just to keep that feeling going - I've already started my second comfortghan for another close friend who's in the beginning stages of her diagnosis... Thank you thank you thank you ville-ers
  14. okay, here's today's progress I really like how it's coming out, and I really really like the join ( thanks again video lady!) I have 10 more squares to add...