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  1. ...and after looking at all the posts during my ( home remodeling) absence, I'm left wondering.. is it at all possible to make an UNattractive RR?? I think NOT!! everything is so beautiful! Great work everyone!! can't wait to jump back in!
  2. Lisa that's great!!! love it and thanks for posting the pattern!
  3. Sherilynn those colors are just beautiful! ( I will NOT buy more yarn...I will NOT buy more yarn!)
  4. Okie Doke...It only took me nearly two weeks to finish the last couple of rows cause I got caught up trying to finish up some WIP's that had to go out - BUT Here it is... the Denim and Pastel Blue RRR it's about 3 ft wide - I used an I hook and Pound of Love Note: thank you Mel (again) for all your inspiration and assistance early on!
  5. thank you Gene...thank you thank you thank you Mel like they weren't addicting enough BEFORE the birth of your bpdc mod!!! and the more rows I add, the better it's looking!!
  6. Okay!!! :clapJust because i'm SSSOOOOO flippin excited about the way this is turning out I feel OBLIGATED to share my progress!!!:clap TA DA!!! THIS is my Mel Mod inspired Denim Ridged Round Ripple (RRR - haha)!!! I cannot WAIT to see what it looks like when it's done! (thank you Mel for the inspiration and assistance! )
  7. DreamsOfYarn, you're a genius! I'm actually starting my third RR today - just went out and bought a pound of love Denim, to go with my Antique white and the pastel blue My cousin had a baby this morning - need to get that hook -a - moving!
  8. not nearly a pound - I actually bought seven pounds for a ripple(don't ask me why..I don't know..) I am on the third blanket so far and I haven't run out of anything yet... and the *magic circle* sounds wonderful!
  9. Okay finished it up tonight Done in pound of love and an I hook I added a crab stitch on the border and it seems to have helped a little with the curling The one thing I notice about everyone else's are that the centers are less hole-y
  10. I felt exactly the same way! I'm on my second RR and can see why they are so addictive! I've been using the sew on fire pattern, do you more experienced RR-ers find Aggie's pattern to be less "rollie" at the points - because the larger my RR gets the more the points are starting to turn and roll up? BTW beautiful RR's people!
  11. thanks everyone - very proud of my first attempt - I can see how they are so easily addicting and I LOVE the dishcloths... what did they work up in...like 45 seconds!
  12. okay so other than a border there's the finished RR haven't decided wether to crab stitch, sc or do some shells on the points right now it's measuring about 31 inches between the points - so I guess that's okay, yes?
  13. thats beautiful! looks very soft and snuggly too! I was surprised at how fast it worked up with the H hook - but i think i will try another with 2 strands just to see the difference
  14. okay thats how far I got last night It's about 24/25 inches how big is it supposed to be? BTW - it's supposed to be gender neutral cause we don't know what she's having... do you think the pink is okay? and I plan to add a round of the teal from the first round for the outter edge
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