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  1. Oh definitely. Sometimes I keep something and start another one for the gift if I have time. I've found it easier to give projects away if I keep a record of them. So I use my other hobby--scrapbooking--for that. I have a crochet scrapbook with a photo of each item I give away. It's fun and makes it easier.
  2. In may? That's Summer here--at least by temperature! LOL They couldn't reduce our yarn section any more. Yep, same dark back corner. If there's another customer looking at yarn when I'm there, we can barely squeeze past each other. I drive 30 miles away to HL whenever I can.
  3. I love it! Hey, I know where Woodstock is! I grew up in Tuscaloosa.
  4. I take frequent breaks and stop for the day if my wrists get really sore. I found some stitches or patterns that require me to use more tension really hurt--pineapples kill my thumb for some reason. I also have just a Wal-mart wrist brace thingy I wear at night if my right wrist is sore. By the next morning I'm ready to crochet again.
  5. Mine is Doris Chan's Everyday Crochet. Love the way everything looks, but when I started on one, I felt like a blooming idiot! It made such a pretty lopsided piece of lace that I have it pinned to my bulletin board. . . but it in no way resembles the beginning of a sweater collar! Mine used to be hats until I did the Boy Beanie in SNB book. Now hats are easy!! Booties still elude me so far.
  6. I had 3 miscarriages before my twins. So I would say wait for her to announce the pregnancy just to be sure. You could do what I did before I knew what my sister-in-law was having. I made the white squares in a blanket and then once I knew it was a boy, I made the blue squares.
  7. If you have a yarn or craft store nearby, you could try asking the manager if they know anyone who could fix it. If not, You might try placing an ad in the local paper. My dog just ate the collar off a crocheted sweater. So I know how you feel! I also agree with the earlier post to take some thread or yarn and thread it through the stiches above the eaten part to keep it from unravelling more.
  8. I have rheumatoid arthritis. I actually do better when I crochet regularly. I think it keeps my wrists and fingers from getting stiff. Of course I take breaks and stop if it gets painful.
  9. Mine were all received very well this year. I've become much more choosy about who I give handmade gifts to though! I even had an unexpected girlfriend of a guest show up and was able to quickly wrap up an extra skinny scarf I made. My brother and family were especially grateful because they live in Virginia where it actually gets cold a lot.
  10. My cat Stripes only likes to play with yarn while I'm crocheting. What I hate is when she chews on it while sitting at my feet and I don't realize it until the soggy yarn section gets to my hand. Yuck! I had a thread a while back about my dog Padme playing tug-o-war with projects. We finally (mostly) resolved that by spritzing her with water every time she grabbbed something.
  11. Yeah, she's got lots of chew toys. She also has a stuffed toy shark that the boys gave her. She likes to grab onto it's fins or tail and play tug of war. Maybe it's just a matter of training her. Hey, y'all have given me an idea. I think I'll pretend to crochet with some old cheap scrap yarn and start telling her no and giving her another toy. That way I don't risk an actual project or good yarn. Now the hard part is . . . what yarn am I willing to sacrifice?
  12. O.K. I added a picture of the guilty party. Doesn't she look totally sweet and innocent? She's got lots of toys and gets lots of excercise. It's just that what mama is playing with looks more fun! I can't figure out what she is mixed with. You can't tell so much from this picture but her face and body look just like a smooth coat Jack Russell but her coloring is totally blonde except for a white stripe down her nose and white paws. She's a pretty puppy!
  13. Aww! She looks just like my cat Stripes, except mine has a bob tail. She always wants to lay on my crochet too.
  14. We adopted a puppy from the animal shelter 3 weeks ago. She's a Jack Russell Terrier mix and a sweet, hyper little thing. The only bad habit she has so far is grabbing either the yarn or project I'm working on and refusing to let go. I love to sit on the sofa at night and crochet but it looks like that may not happen for a while! She stretched a baby sweater I'm making for my nephew due in Jan. I forgot if you let go of something she grabs and ignore her she drops it. Instead I started a big tug-o-war for my precious project. Anybody else have a pet dilema like this?
  15. Oh definitely! I get so overwhelmed with my want to make list sometimes. I finally started a notebook where I keep notes on my current project and my future projects to get it out of my head and on paper. I keep several projects going all the time. One small project at work for slow days, one small thing for car, doctors appointments, etc. One mindless thing for TV watching. Christmas presents . . . I have way to much going on at once!
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