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  1. That's beautiful! They'd be lovely on tables at a wedding, I think. With candies inside.
  2. I emailed it to every cat rubber I know! HA! Macaroo woke me up this morning trying to pee on the floor so I'm not in a kitty-kind mood! Here, Macaruin I have a mice hat for you!
  3. Those are so wonderful! I made some last year and decided they are one of my favorite things to make for my lil niece! She carries 'em round and puts her baby toys in 'em! SO precious.
  4. SCARVES! and hats... though I don't enjoy them as much they're quicker!
  5. Try taking an antihistamine before crotcheting? Make a little cover for your arm so the yarn doesn't touch it so much? Good luck.
  6. That's really lovely and elegant. I could see that in different colors for Christmas, Easter, weddings! Too beautiful.
  7. Great question! I know no one else. I was visiting with my nieces (2 nieces, 2 occasions) and asked if they'd mind if I knit. I started knitting and they asked to learn. I taught them and they were SO enthusiastic! Went out and bought stuff right away and started. VERY happy to make a couple of scarves and things. Then they stopped. Just ... stopped. I tried a few times to remind them that they said it helped them feel centered and relaxed and they said that was true but they didn't start again. Why do folks do that? ??? When I enjoy something I only stop if something is wrong (like it hurts my arms or I don't have materials or whatever).
  8. That is breathtaking! It's amazing and I want one! Now I'm inspired!
  9. That's great! pssst, the princess thing lasts till 6??? I was kinda hoping for 5!
  10. Congratulations on finishing and on it being lovely!
  11. Oh thanks! That is very helpful and fun to look through... longingly!
  12. Those are colors which I'd never try but seeing them together it's very attractive! ScoooobydooooOOooooOOooby DOO!
  13. Oh my gosh! Is she going to a party and really wearing that dress? Thanks, I think you made my morning!
  14. That is lovely! Especially the edging scooping.
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