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    Salinas, Ca
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    Crochet, counted cross stitch, movies, basset hounds
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  1. Welcome! I'm in the Monterey Bay are of Northern Ca.
  2. 1Buttercup


    Welcome from the Monterey Bay area.
  3. Welcome! What part of Ca? I'm in the Monterey Bay/Salinas Valley area. Keep hoping to run into some locals.
  4. Welcome!! I'm also in Ca, Monterey Bay/Salinas Valley. Where are you?
  5. That is beautiful and I can see why she was so thrilled with it. I'm sure she also felt very proud that she'd taught you how and that you kept up with it.
  6. That is gorgeous. I'm sure they're treasure it forever!
  7. Oh wow, that is gorgeous already! I don't think I'd have ever thought to use so many colors.
  8. 1Buttercup

    Round Ripple

    Very nice! I just love RR's.
  9. Huge thank you to my FGM for the awesome A to Z afghan pattern book! There are some great projects in there and I can't wait to get started. Let me tell you what a huge pick me up this was, I've never gotten anything before and this has really inspired me to RAOK someone else.
  10. Hi everyone!! Sorry I've been MIA, way too much going on! Anyway, I'm off on a camping trip tomorrow, won't be back until Sunday evening but I'm gonna do my best to get caught up and even ahead on my ghan. Wish me luck!
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