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  1. Hello, I wanted to post this link to an original crochet pattern I created for a quick doily.
  2. I was travelling by bus and I saw this old lady wearing a crochet sweater I loved. I took mental note and back home I tried to design my own in the same style. Here is the result. I hope you like it. Tourvel http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-cVt8IhfavZI/UHC9eLx34CI/AAAAAAAABXw/ifjsn3a4kf4/s320/DSC01869.jpg
  3. Laurakis

    easter bunnies

    I dont know why but forgot to post these bunnies. i made them last year for easter and my nephews and nieces loved them. The pattern is free.
  4. Finsihed my Mamy Bag. It´s a great pattern to destash!!!. I chose to make African Flower hexagons.
  5. gorgeous,... i love basketweave!!!
  6. i think its ok if you dye with ecofriendly non-toxic dyes, food coloring or natural plant dyes such as onion peels and stuff.
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