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  1. we just purchased a used travel trailer and in stocking it with the necessities - camping dishes, etc. - i've included a complete set of lite-up crochet hooks and knitting needles, gauge checkers, stitch markers, blah blah - the emergency essentials one would need!
  2. how about a small/medium sized purse? there are some cute and clever free designs all over the internet - you could even try some felting... line it with a pretty complementary fabric and put some purchased handles on for a very chic professional finish. and/or... an i-pod cozy or cell phone cozy would be nice, either to match the purse or in lieu of the purse (not sure how fast you hook and how much time you have!)
  3. WOO-HOO! I'm baaaaaaaccccck! Had to learn how to use some thing called Mozilla:thinkbecause AOL suddenly hates me after years of getting along so well. Having fun scooting around and seeing what everyone's been up to - looking at projects, etc., and so many new members! WOW! I think I need to start a thread on something... hmmmm:yes
  4. false start there - couldn't get in AGAIN - but Amy and Hubby to the rescue! YAY! Thanks for the warm welcome(back)
  5. as some of you may know (or not) i have a brat for a computer and have been unable to log on for, oh, a couples months now. ticked me off so bad i went and learned to KNIT! that's right. two pointy sticks and i know how to use 'em! i have tried repeatedly to get back on crochetville with my old user name, but to no avail. not gonna happen. no how, no way. reset password. nothing worked. talked to amy and donna and followed directions to clean cookies, etc., NOTHING WORKED! tried using another computer, nothing. so here i am with my new name... and if i figure out how to get my old name back, great, if not, that's okay, too - i had a few thousand posts on the other name...
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