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    crocheting!!! oil painting, collecting phonecards, travel and camel rides
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    baby blankets/afghans and adult sweaters
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    since i was 10
  1. hey all i found these titles while browsing the net for books on spinning. do u have any of these books? if yes, do u recommend it to beginners (im a beginner)? books: 1. spinner's companion by: bobbie Irwin 2. spin it: making yarn from scratch by: Lee roven and Traci Bunkers 3. color in Spinning by: Deb Menz
  2. i give crochet classes every once in a while and sometimes i make it in my own home. one day i decided to make it in the farm. we all sat indoors, on the ground and made a big circle. all my students were kids at that time and u know... kids are always kids u can expect them to clean put prefectly after they are done. so one of my students left a hook on the ground and went outside to play. no one noticed the 4.5mm hook lieing on the ground until my dear cousin (20yrs) stepped on it! the hook pierced her foot and went into her flesh!! she screamed out of pain and when the first aid was done, i went to find out whose hook was that. the girl who owned that hook cried so much that night feeling bad about forgeting it on the floor, and believe me she never crocheted again!! she still comes to my classes but watches everyone, im trying to let her hold the hook again and work but she doesnt want to any more
  3. i teach kids to crochet, and now in my class i have a group of 7 children aged between 4 to 10. the 4 yr old has joined recently and she is left handed. hounestly i had a hard time showing her how to do the chain. after trying for a while i decided to put her on my lap, and guide her hands through the hook and yarn loops. (she was holding the yarn and hook and my hands were holding her hands) it worked wounderful. when i thought she got the concept i told her to hold the hook by herself and guide the yarn to the loop while i hold the end of the yarn with my hand. we also did it vice versa. it worked nicely. try that
  4. i guess tieing the yarn losely with thread is a good idea. ill make sure i do that the next time i dye. thanks everyone
  5. Scherazade


    snugsmontreal i checked the link u listed... it looks intresting and i guess i'll make one of my own! THANKS lot everyone
  6. Scherazade


    thank u for replying back to me shipping cost alot and i cant afford it hounestly! but i really want to have a drop spindle and spin! the reason i posted this thread is because i dont know where i can find the 'good quality' drop spindles for 'reasnable' prices. i dont want to recieve something and be disapointed! i did sreach... but it only made me more confused!!
  7. hey all!! one of my crochet students is working on a baby blanket, she used cotton yarn available in most shops here in the UAE, she didnt buy all the colors she needed and started working on the project thinking that the shops will get other new colors later on with the new stock! but they didn't! and she was stuck and for a long time! she was looking for an orange cotton yarn which she couldnt find anywhere. (sadly no other color matched her colorful 'girl' baby blanket). and buying through the internet is very costly and so i got the idea of dyeing!! ehehehehe... and i tried it today!! I LOVE IT! anyways, i had a little problem while dyeing. let me tell u what i did. i followed dyeing instructions and all worked nicely, but inorder for the yarn not to get tangled what i did was knot all the yarn strands together on both ends. (my english is bad and i couldnt find words to explain this... i hope u understand what im trying to tell u) i didnt knot it tightly though. so after the dyeing was done, the area of knots turned out lightly colored or even white!! it was so depressing! but im still happy for it! i didnt show it to my student yet.. our class is on wed. and i hope she wont have a problem with lightly dyed areas compared to the whole thing! any suggestions about dyeing yarn and avoiding tangles without knotting the yarn together?!
  8. Scherazade


    hi everyone! i'm intrested in spinning, but none of the equipments are available in my country except for fleece! in which website can i find a good drop spindle that i can use? are there any kits availabe? which books should i get to learn? i have never done it before and im not sure i know where to start!
  9. well, i have used SIRDAR pure cotton, and the pattern... well its something i made from my own!! there isnt a pattern that i have followed, its just something out of my mind if i have the time, i'll look at it again and write the pattern for all. thanks alot everyone!!
  10. i made this little bag for my 3 yr old cousin. i used white cotton yarn and green ribbons to match her party dress. i didnt give it to her yet, soon i will and i hope she likes it.
  11. hi Amy! welcome!!! im sure u'll enjoy ur time over here!!
  12. Scherazade

    cute frog

    http://www.roxycraft.com/crochet_amigurumi_animals.htm this is the link to where i found the pattern, but as usual i did some changes to it and thats why it does not look like the one in the picture! there are other cute animals... check it out!
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