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  1. There is one for sale on e-Bay right now, ends in 21 hours. Item number: 260720896591
  2. Any hat pattern can be made to fit your son's head you just need to do more rounds in the crown until you get the circumference that will make a hat that fits the size head you need. Here are a few tips: This math also works with dc and hdc. If you want to make a single crochet hat for a certain sized head, you have to do a little bit of math. Using the following method, you can make hats using any weight yarn you wish. First, measure the circumference of the person’s head, if possible. Most heads fall within a certain range, so unless your recipient has an especially small/large head, you don’t have to be exact. Second, divide the circumference (or desired size) by 3.1416 to get the diameter needed. For example, If my DD’s head is 20”, I divide by 3.1416 and get 6.36”. So that means I’ll make the diameter of the hat around 6.5 inches. To find the diameter, you measure from one edge of the circle to the other edge. When you reach the desired size, then you start your rounds until the hat is the desired length. (Some people also like to alternate inc with rounds of sc. I believe this formula will still work since you just need to reach a certain diameter.) If you need a “formula” for the length, you count the number of rounds with increases, then add the same number of rounds without (straight sc). So if you worked 7 rounds of increases, you work 7 rounds of sc. The hat should end just about the top of the ears. For a longer hat, work more rounds.
  3. Very pretty and I just love adding a ruffle to blankets for little girls.
  4. I love the snapdragon stitch too, it is so "girly". I finished my Ruffled Snapdragon Blanket last month for a special little girl who will enter the world this Wednesday.
  5. Nice. Our poor Tigers are getting battered and bruised, left and right. Go Inge.
  6. Thanks again for your wonderful comments. Mommy-to-be was happy with the blanket and it will go perfect in her nursery which is a fresh, minimalistic design with a stem of cherry blossoms painted on the wall.
  7. I like working with the Cotton Ease, no problems and it makes great baby blankets. This is the 3rd Cotton Ease baby blanket I have made this year. Thank you all for your wonderful comments, I am extremely pleased with the results. Just a note, the pink in this blanket is a discontinued color of Cotton Ease.
  8. A good, family friend is having a baby girl in September, her shower is Sunday and I finished her blanket early this morning. I loved the Snapdragon Stitch and thought it was perfect for the look I wanted in this blanket. You can find my "recipe" for this blanket here.
  9. Please share when you are finished I would love to see it. Thank you all for your kind comments.
  10. As always your work in fantastic, beautifully crafted.
  11. Love the textured stitch.
  12. Broken link, page does not exist.
  13. http://www.bernat.com/pattern.php?PID=2584 http://www.caron.com/projects/bm/bm_shoulder_shrug.html http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/50931AD.html?noImages=&r=1
  14. I just finished another version of this bag. I made this one with Sugar n Cream and made a larger base (Note: still not the Large base in the pattern, this base is 174 sc). I won't be lining this one, but the intent was to make it as a beach or large shopping bag. I also crocheted one side of the strap (the side with no flower) to the edge of the bag and then overlapped the other side on the outside. After the strap was attached I did the half rolled handle.
  15. Do you want amigurumi, a stuffed eagle or just an eagle shape? Here is a pattern for a baby eagle, http://www.etsy.com/listing/42018111/pattern-pdf-baby-eagle-crocheted-and
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