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  1. Thanks for the kind words, everybody! I am attempting to hide it from myself in one of my dresser drawers until I'm ready to block it, closer to Christmas time. Out of sight, out of mind...not so much. I'm a little afraid that if I DO manage to leave it there and not wear it myself, I'll forget where it is come Christmas! I'm not proud to admit it, but I have found things I've stashed away like that...usually a couple years later.
  2. Thanks, everybody - it really is a great pattern. I thought it would be much harder than it was. The yarn I used for that one is an acrylic/cotton blend because my Mom is allergic to wool...I didn't inherit her allergy so I'm planning on making myself one from wool to keep at the office
  3. Hey, everybody! Haven't stuck my head in the door here in a while...looks like everybody's movin' right along! With all the pics of such awesome work, there are gonna be lots of lucky folks this Christmas I thought I'd post a pic of the shawl I made for my Mom - its Doris Chan's All Shawl in Knit Picks' Comfy yarn in Fedora. I love this pattern - first time I've made this, but it will not be the last!
  4. I just completed Doris Chan's All Shawl - and WOW! It is gorgeous, and its so easy! Its also really versatile - tons of different things you can do with this pattern. I made the 'long version' as written with Comfy yarn in Fedora from Knitpicks. The picture doesn't do the yarn justice - its a deep, chocolatey color. I just finished it so I haven't blocked it yet...I figured it might help to set the stitches and help the border stand out. It's supposed to be a Christmas gift for my Mom...I hope I can make myself wait that long to give it to her!
  5. Thanks! I think I'm going to go for it. Won't know until I try it, right?
  6. So, I'm thinking about making a shawl and a few scarves with the worsted weight Shine yarn. I generally don't like wool (itchy or scratchy), and some people are allergic to it. I figured that this yarn might be a farily safe choice for gifts. I usually just stick to acrylic yarns, or cotton yarns such as Peaches n Creme. I'd like to try something different, that isn't too awfully expensive and still fairly easy to care for, as Shine yarn claims you can throw it in the dryer on low. Has anyone used this yarn before? Is it good quality - resistant to fading, pilling, etc? Or, do you think its a bad choice of yarn for shawls or scarves, period?
  7. Jimbo, you just gave me a much-needed laugh!
  8. WOW! That is absolutely GORGEOUS. You really did an amazing job! Kudos to you for having so much patience - I don't think I could ever stick with it long enough to make something so ornate!
  9. I told Mom how all of you complimented her work, and she was tickled. She kept saying its really 'not that hard' She also said that crochet has helped her to keep from killing my Dad all these years Now, THAT - I can believe!
  10. WOW! What awesome work! You did amazing an amazing job - Hubby did, too! Congrats to you both, and best of luck at the State fair!
  11. Oh, no! I'm so sorry this happened! I have to say you handled it extremely well...I'm not so sure I would have. I'd probably STILL be standing there beside the couch swearing Glad the puppy is ok, and I'm sure your friend feels just awful. They're both lucky to have a sweet and understanding friend like you
  12. Congrats! That's such an awesome find! I never get that lucky at garage sales. The 'history' is really neat, too. Way to go, Mom!!
  13. Thanks for all the kind words...my Mom really IS awesome Her grandmother had tried to teach her to crochet when she was a little girl. She said that it just never really appealed to her then because she didn't like to sit still for that long! Then, not long after her and my Dad were married, his job transferred him to working a swing shift. She would be bored in the evenings. So she went to the local McClellan's (like a Woolworth's, I think) and bought a little book on how to crochet. She bought a skein of yarn and a hook and off she went I remember her making Barbie clothes from thread when I was little, as well as yarn shawls I'd wear with dresses to church. She has always made gorgeous things. I guess you could say that my goal is to be as good as she is! And yes, she worked on that bedspread all along when she had time and when her fingers would let her. I had NO IDEA. It was such a wonderful surprise! I hugged her so hard she told me to 'calm down' She is 69 years old, and still full of spunk even though her arthuritis and degenerative neck disease don't always let her do what she wants. And, in case anyone is wondering, I DID lay down the law to the Hubby - I explained to him gently that if he ever did anything to harm that bedspread, it would result in bodily injury
  14. I just have to show this off! My Mom had told me several years ago that she was going to make me a bedspread just like one she had made for herself YEARS ago. Life then happened, as it always does - her parents got sick and passed away, a new grand-baby was born, her arthuritis got worse...so I had forgotten about it, and assumed that she had, too. WRONG!! When I stopped by there after work today, she gave me this! I almost cried. It means the world to me. So, I rushed home, threw it across the bed, took a pic, and came here to show it off I am thrilled beyond words. Plus, I wanted to show off Mom's beautiful work. I will cherish this always! The pattern is OLD. Its from (a very tattered and torn) American Thread booklet that cost 25 cents back in the day. The pattern is called 'The All-American Crocheted Bedspread'. I LOVE IT!!! :manyheart:manyheart
  15. My mom has one like this, too. She's got a big pouch full of steel hooks and I think some of them were her grandmother's. I remember asking her about that and she had no idea. Am curious to know about it, as well.
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