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  1. maybe try celts vintage group at yahoo groups? she has tons of beautiful patterns...many with roses. just a thought
  2. Just wanted to post a note to say thank you....make that a BIG FAT JUICY THANK YOU to Donna in Oklahoma for sending me no, not one. Not even five. Heck she didnt even send me ten. She sent me EIGHTEEN, thats right....count em EIGHTEEN squares for this comfortghan for this lady that she has never even met. I figured what with it being this time of year and everyone having things they are working on for the holidays, I would be really lucky if I got a couple. However to get this amount just blows me away with the generosity. Thank you very much. This is going to be a beautiful blanket. I sure appreciate that you guys are willing to help me out with this. Thank you SOOOOO much for any effort given. :hug:hug Michelle
  3. Ok guys, I really wrestled with this one. I havent been around for awhile cause I just got married on the fourth of october. But.... I have been involved with my now husband for about three years. He has lived in his neighborhood for about eighteen years. So he knows his neighbors REALLY well. They are all good people. Across the street from us lives an older lady...she's a gramma to give you an idea. She has never been unkind to me. She always says hi, gives a wave and such. Shes just a really nice lady. Her husband is the same way. They are living thier lives and doing what they gotta do. Personally I dont know them as well as my husband does but she and her husband were there for him when his first wife died so I know they are pretty special. Now this lady has three gorgeous kids. She has a daughter who I think is about thirty, a son who is about twenty five and her youngest son is about nineteen. Her youngest son likes to street race and one night back in June (I think) He was street racing, he also may have been drinking, I dont know. But there was an accident and he was severely injured. He spent several days in the hospital and passed away unexpectedly. Fast forward to now, and as I was getting ready to go through this joyful time in my life with getting married again and getting a bigger family, I pass this lady one day outside my house and ask her how she was doing. She said honestly that she has been better. My heart just broke cause my life is wonderful and this poor lady is facing her first holiday season without a pretty major part of her family...her baby. I am telling you this because I am hoping you guys will help me to make her a comfortghan. I am hoping for eight inch squares done with a J hook, in shades of bright blue.... If you are interested in helping, please send me a pm and I will send you my address and if you cant, thanks for listening. I appreciate you listening. :hug Michelle
  4. count me in!!! will send my survey tonight when I get home
  5. hey I have heard that that colored plastic cording works as a drive band....ive also heard that vacuum cleaner belts work. if you are on ravelry you will find all sorts of resources for parts suggestions. BTW congratulations...im totally jealous.
  6. what about when you do the switcheroo by grabbing the same letter size but its not the same measurement.....i do this ALL the time....
  7. <br><br> Ok guys, here is the contents of the super awesome box that the lovely miss tailspin sent me. She sent a way cool market bag done up in an off white cotten. I was totally considering this very pattern for the bag that I was going to send to her. She also sent Debbie Macombers paperback. (funny, cause I sent her the same exact book.) There was also some wonderful lotions and things, in my favorite scent, Vanilla.....nothing wrong with smellling like cookies. She also sent a yummy candle that smells like vanilla. I got a beach towel. She also sent two skeins of a beautiful white cotten. Stuff is blinding its so white and pretty. I also got some things to make my feet look good for flip flop weather. This has been a really fun swap. Thank you for being my partner, I am anxiously awaiting what you think of your box tailspin. Have a great day guys....
  8. ok tailspin, be on the lookout.....should be there on monday
  9. just wanted to let you know I received my box and its FAB U LOUS. I will post pics when I get a chance and thank you so much. your box should be going out monday.
  10. I have one bag half done, one bag done, and one bag started....I have even managed to find some goodies to go along with it....yay!
  11. Hey guys, here in the seattle area they have heart shaped and flower shaped handles. But you dont find them with the regular purse handles at micheals. You find them with the leather working stuff. They are like the brass rings used for macrame, just in cool different shapes.
  12. hey tailspin, did you get the email I sent you. Im not sure that my computer was cooperating so I might have to resend. If it let me save it. (Technology! what are you gonna do!)
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