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    Wife to the most wonderful man who's a FF and Mother to 2 teenagers and 1 almost teenager - EEK
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    The GREAT state of TEXAS
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    crocheting, computer scrapbooking and cardmaking, beading on occassion
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    retired school teacher of 22 years service due to an accident and health issues afterwards
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    the charity items I am always working on. My other favorite projects are purses/totes, baby/child items, prayer shawls, afghans made from squares
  • Crocheting since...
    since 1974
  1. that's so darn cute!! I love frogs! Darling baby and precious hat!
  2. Things, life, have been difficult for me this year. I planned on this being "my" year after 2009. Sadly, this one's not so hot either. I've had a few surgeries, several procedures, my Grandma passed away, and I haven't been feeling much like "chatting" to anyone online or even in person. I haven't been on CV since Feb. Then, yesterday the mailman handed me a puffy envelope. I knew in my heart it was a RAOK! I just knew it was! Sure enough, Fairy Godmother's REALLY do exist and I am so grateful to mine who sent two beautiful squares to use in my friend-ghan-which btw I'm so close to finishing thanks to all those who find it in their hearts to reach out to someone like me. Thank You! Thank You for making me smile and feel loved. All my love, Lauren
  3. very interesting! your stitches look great too!
  4. Its so SWEET! I can see why you loved this pattern and you did it more than justice as the saying goes. You did better!
  5. Oh it's gorgeous! What a lovely heartwarming gift to treasure for always!
  6. Paul is a very lucky boy-doll to have been in your care! We are very lucky that you want to share your incredible creativity with us! :cheer:cheer:cheer:cheer:cheer:cheer:cheer:cheer:cheer:cheer:cheer
  7. I've got over 52 toys, stopped counting! I will count them before I send them and post final total.
  8. Wow!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!
  9. You are very generous offering your patterns for free. I appreciate that!
  10. It's been so long since I've been on CV and I've missed it so very much! Recent health issues made being on the computer very difficult for me and even now I must limit my time online or pay for it the rest of the day. I've also, unfortunately, been living with my parents for 2mo's (and counting ) as my hubby and I iron out some differences. We are doing great with counseling :applausehowever it's awful not living with my kids! So I've been down and sad to say the very least! THANK YOU FAIRY GODMOTHER IN LITIZ PA (if that's true ) FOR MY AWESOME GORGEOUS, WHAT I CALL, ISLAND PURSE! It's so sweet! It has shells sewn all around the purse and OMG a shell strap! There's a scallop edging and my last name initial M (unless it was a bird ). There's a great zipper makeup bag inside that's silver and there's even a jewel/bead keychain attached to it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! FG you left me oohing and aahing! RAOK'S are always fun and rewarding to send out to someone. Receiving one at a time when your spirit is fighting to have hope everyday is PRICELESS! FG I pray you are blessed for what your gift to me has done for my spirit! From the bottom of my heart I THANK YOU! Lauren
  11. OH MY!! You always amaze me as I view your work come to life!
  12. The blanket is absolutely stunning
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