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    I'm a single woman, old enough to order off the senior menu at Denny's.
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    Southern California
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    Reading, crocheting, cross stitch mainly
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    Office Manager
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    So far, afghans have been what I've mostly crocheted...but I'm learning and I'm open!
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    Crocheting since 1983
  1. You're doing a beautiful job! The afghan will be lovely when it's done
  2. Oh! They're quite lovely. You did a beautiful job. It's a shame you didn't enjoy it.
  3. Welcome Barbara! You're not the only one late to this medium. I too am just learning, and thinking of all the things I wish I had pictures of. I'm sure we'll be "old pros" very soon.
  4. You'll surprise yourself at what you can do! Welcome
  5. Welcome. You'll find everything here from the very simple and quick to the amazingly complex ... and all of it beautiful!
  6. Welcome! When they're older your twins will treasure the knowledge of all the work you are doing to make them pretty things. Way to go!
  7. Waving a friendly welcome your way.
  8. Welcome from Southern California. I'm a "reader" so far like you, but soon hope to join in with swaps and charity crochet. So many opportunities here!
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