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    Married mother of 2...using crochet as a coping mechanism for my everyday stresses.
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    Reading, crochet and home improvement shows.
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  1. I did get them and I love them! The Aphrodite shawl is so very soft! and I love the style of the Doris Chan one! I'll post pictures tonight!
  2. I hope you love it all! and I can't wait to get my package...I think I've worn a path to the mailbox!
  3. I heard from mom4x, she received the package I sent and will be mailing mine out today.
  4. When are you shipping? I'll have mine out to you on the same day!!!
  5. I hope we did! that way I don't have to keep the first one I made you!
  6. you ladies are right...downside to being done early, I fell in love with the shawl I finished that I've now started another shawl! Mom4x you might get 1 or the other? or both!?
  7. I did finish and I'm hoping to get it in the mail to mom4x this weekend! It's not that I'm a speed demon more like I'm OCD.
  8. I think I might have finished your shawl mom4x...I only say might because I love it so much I might want to keep it!
  9. Okay I love the aphrodite shawl from Naturally caron! I don't know if to make it for my partner or ask for one from her!
  10. I'm so glad you hadn't left yet!!! and what a relief you finally got it and you liked it?! The shawl pattern is in the Interweave magazine I sent...with a few obvious modifications...that's where the green premier comes in...take a look!
  11. I've joined! I'm so looking forward to having my very own shawl!
  12. It really is! And Dizzy has been so much fun to get to know!
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