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  1. I got a few scarves for you Ann. I jsut want to get more & send them stuffed full in a priority mail box.
  2. Ah I was afraid not. It was one of those moments Time Warner decided not to work. It does that a lot when it rains.
  3. I have not popped in for awhile. Thought I'd let you know I will try to send you some scarves in the new years. I hope to have more then the few I have but we will see. And thank you for what I got the other day Ann. Dunno if the pm went through or not.
  4. A bunch of lovely scarves. Now next time Ann f you have problems updating your website I can help. I do know my way around the html & php.
  5. I still have some here for you. Can't send them until after the new years.
  6. My mom just told me that the 99 cent store has knitted scarves. If they do & they are not going to fall apart I may buy some.
  7. I got one in the works for you as you know. I also got 3 given to me. So you will have a few after xmas if I do not sent them this coming month.
  8. I am so glad the scarves got to you. I will be working on scarves for you & prolly send more in Dec or in Jan. I am a bit burnt out on scarves making so many lately. However your cause is dear & near to me so I will make more soon!
  9. I sent you 9 yesterday & they are to count for Sissies group to hun.
  10. It's been hard. The worst is getting my ID replaced. I carry my money in my bra now too.
  11. Ann! Looks like I cannot send scarves until the fall. I was going to work on a bunch this month after I got everything together in my new place. But last week my purse got stolen. So in July I must pay 2 months of bills. SO I will just wait to send the summer ones I do & the fall ones until fall sometimes ok? I hope you are feeling better!!
  12. I do not think having fevers is normal. I could be wrong though. However my fevers are part of Lupus. Ever since I could remember though I got fevers for no reason. Just don't kill yourself woman! I will be making more scarves after I move. Scarf making is on hold till sometime in June.
  13. Hi Ann! I was wondering how you are doing? Any better yet? I do hope the fever is gone!
  14. Hi Ann hun! I hope you are feeling better! I sent you a big box of scarves yesterday or today.. I forget. Anyhow it went parcel post so it may take a bit.
  15. I have 7 or 8 scarves for you! I will mail them when I can. I am a bit back logged with my mail.
  16. Hi all! I ended up having a lymphnode infection & then I hurt my back moving things back in after getting new carpet. I did get 3 scarves done this 2 weeks though. I finished that knitted scarf I was talking about earlier as well.
  17. I was in san diego the 19th & been not to well since... but I wanted to say... Hope you are feeling better dear!
  18. Its for a charity. The colors are in honor of my oldest. He loves that color combo. Esp black. Ever since he found out black is not evil & that it is infact all color combined. I am beyond behind as I made a cancer afghan for Sissie using that awareness ribbon square.
  19. I have not done one scarf for a bit. I did knit some more on the one I have been knitting for over a month though.
  20. I hope you feel better hun! We all can take care of ourselves here.
  21. I hope that things go well! I still need mine out but refuse to do so until they fing out exactly what is wrong with me besides that.
  22. That is so awesome! I saw the banner today! I hope it gets you more scarves hun!! BTW I mailed out the ones I had today. It went parcel post as I am too poor this month to spend the extra on priority. Next set will probably be after June.
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