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  1. Im not going to be able to keep going with the stash busting.
  2. Im sorry DIane. I wanted to be part of this CAl.. but I have to drop out.
  3. Thanks! I am glad I get my pms sent to my email. I cant get into my pm's for some unknown reason. Its irritating. They are beautiful!
  4. Could you please email me your address so when I get blankets done I can send them to you. I lost it again! And email is better. I am not on here too much lately. Thanks!
  5. I just wanna say that the dog is cute. I dont wanna get involved in another general CAL as Im not going to put effort into it. But I could not resist commenting ion the dog! Too cute!
  6. I was going to join the charity blast but my allergies are so bad! I hope to next month!
  7. I got a few scarves for you Ann. I jsut want to get more & send them stuffed full in a priority mail box.
  8. I finished up my Blue Star. Well made it into a round ripple for a charity. So that is 3 I guess.
  9. I finished up a dishcloth last night. Not too fond fo the tops but oh well.. You can see it here.
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