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    I am married and I'm a mother of 4 and Granny to 12. We also have 2 dogs
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    Michigan/Indiana border
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    crocheting, reading, gardening, spending time with my family doing a large variety of things!
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    Cashier at Shell gas station
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    since 1978 off and on
  1. Ill have to get on more often! Bailey and Mona Thank you for compliments in my poncho! We have today! 27° Im an afghan right now. Since I got in last a pipe burst in my DDs brand new house. They moved in the weekend before Christmas. It was from the boiler heater system. Terrifying, boiling water pouring out of the ceiling. No one got hurt but 15 minutes before that her 2 year old was playing there. So their house, ceiling and floors have been ripped up and going through repairs. Been busy. Well getting back to crafting
  2. Ok...made it to about Jan 4 and stopped, tiny print on my cell phone (all I have) is giving me a :headache.
  3. Good Morning everyone. My latest project was this poncho. I also made a ski mask my 8 year old grandson claimed. Will be making one for DD today, its -5° here Judy~I love your textured afghan! My hands cramp when I work with crochet thread. Hi Cindy, just been busy with life, spend time on FB and a couple groups there. Sad to say I forgot about Crochetville for a while. Missed it! Enjoy your trip to Ontario! Joanne~moving is such a huge task! My DD and Son in law just moved into a new house the weekend before Christmas. It still all feels new and strange. Im not so good with stairs either, I hope the change helps. Thats awesome you have a friend just a few houses down! Marlene~glad to hear you are clot free! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!
  4. I can't seem to share photos on my smart phone
  5. Good morning. We are on our 4th day of heat advisory. Its been enough to . Went yardsaling yesterday and got burned, even my eyes hurt today. Hershey038~~i so hate teeth problems..I hope that clears up for you! Cindy~~hopefully things work out with the house for the kids! I am learning to knit as well. I have the book THE KNIT STITCH BY SALLY MELVILLE my sister and I are both making the Einstein coat. I'm much slower because I have grandchildren every weekend. Mary~~im glad you have colors your happy with now Joanne~~id love to see your sunny blanket. Judy~~hi...a capelet
  6. Crocheting4fun..I love your blanket! Hi everyone. I'm working on alphabet blankets for grandvabies
  7. I'm doing good. How are you Judy? I'm trying to relearn how to navigate the site using my cell phone
  8. Cindy~~ for the compliments. I'm glad to hear your DD got a great deal on her piano! Bit cooler today. LeeAnn~~ thank you as well for the compliment on my afghan. I ill start babysitting for that cute baby in a couple weeks in the mornings! The kids in my room at daycare are 3-5. They are adorable. I wish I could find a craft group around here. I love your owl scarf! sounds like you keep very busy! Linda~~sounds like your grandson keeps you busy, it's hard sometimes to get the best medication combination. It would be gun to learn to spin! Judy~~I like the color combination of your baby ghan Mary~~I am blessed all my grandchildren live within 1 hour of us! I hope your friend Jess is doing well. I went to the Toledo zoo Saturday. It was nice. Had 4 grandsons here Sunday, went swimming got ice cream and took them to McDonald's play place. They had fun but missed their mom. 3 of them are my sons and their mom has made some bad choices. She lost her house job and now van. And she chose not to see her kids guess I can just keep offering to help and praying! Hopefully tomorrow I can get some in
  9. I a blu pair of mittens
  10. I just started a hat..not sure how that will go. So far I have made a pair of mittens and some washcloths. Kind of fun (and frustrating) trying to learn something new
  11. Lets have a general group for any knitting?
  12. This is my newest grandson, turned 3 months yesterday! And my latest afghan . Linda~~yes it's been a while, we have really bad reception but I think we have a 4g system that works now. That coughing sounds awful! ????Hope it breaks up soon! Judy~~have fun giving him the ghan today! Hi JoAnne
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