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    I am married and I'm a mother of 4 and Granny to 12, and 1 great grandchild.
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    Michigan/Indiana border
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    crocheting, knitting, diamond painting and spending time with family
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    Stay at home wife. Had OHS 2 1/2 yrs ago. Covid ever settles down I will go back to work.
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    since 1978 off and on
  1. That doesnt sound good! What did you find out when you went in? I sure hope they can help!
  2. Thanks Brenda, I really enjoyed those at least I know how to find them now
  3. Hi! It's been yrs since I was on here. Facebook brain I guess. But I miss it. There used to be special crochet emojis for here, whered they go? These are the squares I'm currently working on for an afghan. Hope your all having a great day
  4. I can't seem to share photos on my smart phone
  5. Good morning. We are on our 4th day of heat advisory. Its been enough to . Went yardsaling yesterday and got burned, even my eyes hurt today. Hershey038~~i so hate teeth problems..I hope that clears up for you! Cindy~~hopefully things work out with the house for the kids! I am learning to knit as well. I have the book THE KNIT STITCH BY SALLY MELVILLE my sister and I are both making the Einstein coat. I'm much slower because I have grandchildren every weekend. Mary~~im glad you have colors your happy with now Joanne~~id love to see your sunny blanket. Judy~~hi...a capelet
  6. I'm doing good. How are you Judy? I'm trying to relearn how to navigate the site using my cell phone
  7. Cindy~~ for the compliments. I'm glad to hear your DD got a great deal on her piano! Bit cooler today. LeeAnn~~ thank you as well for the compliment on my afghan. I ill start babysitting for that cute baby in a couple weeks in the mornings! The kids in my room at daycare are 3-5. They are adorable. I wish I could find a craft group around here. I love your owl scarf! sounds like you keep very busy! Linda~~sounds like your grandson keeps you busy, it's hard sometimes to get the best medication combination. It would be gun to learn to spin! Judy~~I like the color combination of your baby gha
  8. This is my newest grandson, turned 3 months yesterday! And my latest afghan . Linda~~yes it's been a while, we have really bad reception but I think we have a 4g system that works now. That coughing sounds awful! ????Hope it breaks up soon! Judy~~have fun giving him the ghan today! Hi JoAnne
  9. Cristopher2k welcome Nope Judy...never a dull moment. For those that don't know me I live on the MI/IN border, married, 4 grown children an 12 grandchildren we are blessed and busy ????and I work part time at a day care and have a miniature pincer
  10. I figured it out ???? Can't access the smilies for crochetville on my iPod though. Linda~~I hope your feeling better! How's your GS? Antibiotics working I hope. Judy~~glad your brother liked his afghan! I will be starting a manly one for my son soon. Right now I am working on a baby tardis afghan for my DD. she is due oct 14. Today I had 4 grandsons start school ???? and I work at a daycare so all my kids there start kindergarten today, I will have a new class when I go to work this afternoon! :-)
  11. How do I change my profile picture?
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