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  1. I started the Triangle hex scrap afghan shown on the cover of this magazine many years ago and really want to finish it - but lost the magazine with the pattern. I would appreciate any help in locating a copy - Thanks!
  2. Thanks for sharing this - I love it!! Going to go make one now and if it works up as nice as it looks I will make a baby afghan out of them - THANKS again!!
  3. Does anyone know where I can find patterns that were in Annie's Crochet Quilt and Afghan Club? Either free or to purchase. I am trying to locate the Diamond Zig Zag afghan pattern and the Card Tricks afghan pattern. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Oh!! Thank you for sharing this! So cute too! I need a quickie small something for a sale at church and these will be perfect! Thank you - thank you! Marlene
  5. Thanks to Tammy and to Donna! This is going to work great for a new baby shower I just found out about. Thank you so very much for sharing this!
  6. This does sound cute - waiting very patiently as the wedding isn't until August - babies are planned for after that! LOL!
  7. What a great idea! This just went on my make it tonight list - THANKS!!!
  8. Ohh - I love this! So pretty! Is there a pattern that could be shared?
  9. I used some left over TLC Amore yarn on the snowflakes and I love the texture! You should try it!
  10. LOL! I love the personality in this tabby's face! Thanks for sharing - another on my to do list!
  11. Oh my - I have to be on this one too! I just started making the sweetie snowflakes last night - I like the idea of just the glitter too and will have to do some both ways. I have four crocheted so far. Thanks!
  12. I could use this motivation too. Although I crocheted more in the past year than probably the last ten before that! I will make up my list over the next couple days too. Thanks!
  13. OHHHHHH I am sooooooo in!! You don't have any idea how bad my plan turned out this year - already thinking AND started on '09
  14. Oh man!! The ebay one is the one I remember - that is what I have in my mind's eye for him. It was over before I got there - GRRRR! I think I will keep hunting a bit longer and will grab at one of the other suggestions if I don't find it soon. Thanks everyone!
  15. Thanks - it has been tough. I really love that lumberjack afghan - thanks for telling me about it! I think I will make that for another guy next Christmas, but still hoping to find a hunting themed one for now. THanks! Marlene
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