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    I am a stay home mom and caregiver to my husband who has brain cancer and my son who has down syndrome. I have little time to crochet but I do love it dearly
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    caregiver to disabled husband and son
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    dolls,graph blankets
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  1. my son tells me they will find me on my porch with hook and yarn in hand,and coffee at my feet....cant live without either...if folks think im an old granmy becausr i enjoy makimg things with my hands,so be it. i was pit on this earth with a special gift and i intend to use that gift to create beautiful items that will be here long after im gone....then when someone says, thats beautiful where did you get it, my family and frienda can say....Lisa made it, sitting on the porch,sitting in the swing with coffee between her feet....lol
  2. i have this problem also, i wear braces at night but i also take vitamin b6, this of course should be checked with your doc. a friend suggested this as a natural healing friend of hers suggested it as opposed toother prescription drugs.. ot does help iny casr but please check with your doctor first......
  3. i havr had the same type of issue. I made a blanket with my aunts name on it with angels around it, name and angels were puff stitch. i made it for her as she was sick with cancer, i worked as fast as u could because i knew her time was short. i managed to finish ot and give it to her 3 days before she passed away. One of her daughters asked what it would cost to make a blanket similar for her to give as a gift. i ask what yarn, figured the amount of yarn and the price for the yarn, plus 2 times the amount of the yarn for my time......she literally laughed in my face and said i can buy 2 or 3 blankets for that price and i dont jave to wait a month to get them..... i told her that would probably be her best option. because i wouldnt make it for free, she said " well you made moms for free didnt you" REALLY!!!!! I made a gift for her dying mother now she expected me to make one at my expense, for her to give away
  4. hi, i have been mia for a while now, this is a wonderful story of how the lord works magic in our lives,even in the darkest of hours....my brother passed away in Feb 2014 in a hospice center. After his death the staff gave him a bath, gave him a clean set of clothes and placed over his body a beautiful hand made quilt. It was so nice to know he received such care even after he passed. we were allowed to visit him for as long as we wanted, he truely did look like he was sleeping peacefully. sorry for your loss but what a wonderful story to pass down to future generations.
  5. dimples


    I have collected enough to make all 3 now. thanks to all for the help
  6. dimples


    I was wondering is it breaking any laws to give away a copy of a digital magazine like crochet world or some other craft. I was told it is illegal. Is it ?
  7. dimples


    Just wanted to say a great big thank you to all who sent squares. I did get 2 blankets finished. I would still love to make another for the older boy if anyone would like to send squares that were not able to during the holiday stuff. I am sure the 2 smaller boys will love them. Sorry I can't post a pic,I have no camera(it took a swim LOL!). MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL.
  8. dimples


    I received a package today of 12 squares and a stuffed bunny. Not sure who they came from but i wanted to say thank you to who ever sent it.
  9. dimples


    your package was a great suprise. How wonderful of you to be so kind. Thank you from all of us.
  10. dimples


    thanks, PM'd you
  11. dimples


    oh thats wonderful, thank you
  12. thank you Blueat40. I am sure it was a mistake,maybe my 5 year old who has down syndrome threw it away,not understanding that he should not do that. If i can't find it I will just have to order some when I can afford it. With 9 of us living here right now(5 adults,4 kids ) money is tight. Although my friend who is staying with us for a little while and her husband both work I try not to ask them for anything more than they buy their own groceries and pay half the electric because they are saving every dime to get another place to live. I love them all but i sure will be glad when they move back out. So far they have a tenetive date of February as a move out time.
  13. I am working on an afghan for my DH and someone either stole or throwed a way my last 2 skeins of caron simply soft chocolate(im so mad i could bust). If you have any you do not need please let me know. I have looked everywhere and can't find any. I wanted to get this done before I get to work on sewing squares together. Thanks so much
  14. dimples


    thank you for the help. PM sent to you
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