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    Jack(ie) of all trades...master of none.
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    EVERYTHING~knit, crochet, sculpt, commissioned paintings of animals, auto repair, beadwork, etc.
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    pt time bartender, pt time pc repair, pt time clean for large local corp., misc. other stuff.
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    since I was 7 years old. Nobody showed me. Just figured it out
  1. Too funny! I had thought the same thing at first. I thought I had done something wrong and was banished from that particular thread LOL. Hook On! T-
  2. I tie knots but not in the yarn itself. I will weave in the ends as usual and before I trim the remaining yarn, I use matching sewing thread to tie the end in place to keep it from later sneaking out then trim the thread and yarn. After trimming, it is virtually impossible to find where the end is! T-
  3. I have three of four balls of the glow in the dark yarn. What would you be trading for it? T-
  4. I did find this...not the book but on of her patterns... http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter05/PATTkate.html
  5. I absolutely LOV the fun colors you used! Great work! Keep em comin'! hehe Hook On! T-
  6. I finished my RR and I can't wait for my co-worker Mandy to get it this Thursday. My heart is braking though. I woke in the middle of the night Sunday/Monday feeling like I was getting a cold. By Monday afternoon I couldn't deny the fact that it is actually the flu. Now it's Tuesday and I am worse still. I'll be off to the doctor tomorrow morning and look forward to getting some help fighting this off. I am now way past flu and definately at the very least bronchitis. I can hardly breathe even with pumping myself full of expectorants. Well, long story longer, I'll be 40 this coming February and this was the first time in my life to ever be invited to a baby shower including never having had one when I was expecting and I have to miss it. I've been weepy about it all day. I won't even get to see her reaction when she opens it up. (not sure how to make these images instead of links...sorry bout that) OK OK the happy news. The blankie went along swimmingly and I am very pleased with how well the "neutral" baby colors actually worked together. I saw a post way back when of someone using a chained rope style edging on their afghan and liked it so much i decided to use it on the baby blankie. THEN! The wierdo side of me kicked in while I was boxing it up. I couldn't decide how to fold it up to go in the box! Then a little lightbulb appeared above my head. I hit the trusty ole www and searched for a picture of a newborn, printed the best one out life sized (for a newborn that is), cut it out, and then swaddled the blankie around the picture! It's sooooo cute and silly all at the same time! When Mandy pulls back the tissue paper this is what she will see. I hope you like it and I really really hope she doesn't think I'm some sort of freak for doing that. Well, not any more than she already does anyway. LOL Last month it was finally announced that it is going to be a boy. KEWL! Something to go on! I went to the local Reebok outlet store and got the absolutely cutest little black Reebok hi-top sneakers for him in the teensiest size they had available. Size 2. I know, a bit on the big side for a newborn BUT he'll have plenty of wiggle room for a little while and they will last him a little longer this way. (that's what I'm telling myself anyways hehe) I actually spent $40 on these puppies that I could by no means afford but I just couldn't with every fiber of my being walk away from them LOL. Besides! I had never ever been invited to a baby shower before and that is a very special thing to me and with that if they were $140 I would have probably put them on layaway...good thing they were "only" $40 haha. Before the flood gates open up and short circuit my keyboard, this needs to mark the end of my post. Hook On! T- PS if a moderator or someone with a bit of pc savvy would be willing to fix the links so they show here I would be eternally grateful.
  7. My DH's cousin made a similar doll for my DD and she fussed that it was creepy. We and other family convinced her to give it to my DD when she was about 2 years old. Now my DD is 13 years old and to this day and still cherishes her. It is her favorite doll. It has been from day one and I suspect after 11 plus years no other could possibly take its place. Absolutely nothing can take the place of a hand made gift from the heart. It is now extremely floppy because the stuffing has settled but to my DD that only makes Bonnie(what she hamed her when she first got her) even more loveable because she has developed a character all her own. Don't fuss at all about what others think or even what you may think. Leave it up to your twin sis to decide. It definately has the potential of becoming the next Bonnie! Beautiful work. Don't stop doing what you are doing! T-
  8. Thank you so much for clarifying! I really appreciate it. Truly a great cause! Keep up the great work! T- Sometimes I have to walk through a blizzard to get the drift.
  9. I am extremely interested in both. Are they still available?
  10. Very cute! I'm sorry I need to ask this but what is "CPS"? T-
  11. teeheenah

    Sleepy Sheepies!

    They are adorable. I can certainly see why you got so many nice comments about them! T-
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