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  1. I don't really crochet much anymore and I don't own crochetkim anymore. If you will visit crochetkim.com, I did an article years ago to help with this pattern. Just put sweetheart ripple in the search box. I sold my site and I have a recipe food blog now. I didn't even know crochetville was still online.
  2. That's wonderful! You look terrific. I *love* the color.
  3. Once you starting working on the Skirting, you are working on the Skirting. You are no longer working on the Bodice. You are working off those stitches required for the set-up of the Skirting and you have the stitch count.
  4. I am having a hard time following your questions, but I will try to help. In the section labeled "Joining", you are joining the two fronts to the back, leaving openings for the armholes. In row 1 of Neckline Trim, you crochet along the sides of the rows of the front, 2 sc in the corner, sc around the neckline, 2 sc in corner of opposite front, then along the sides of the rows of the second front, turn. In row 2, you sc in all sc you just created, with 2 sc in the corner, and a button loop on the Right Front corner. Then you begin the Skirting, without turning. You sc into the s
  5. Fun! I've made several in different colors for myself as well.
  6. Thank you. I am always available for new crochet-alongs with Crochetville. :-)
  7. Here is the project: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/krisbock/clarice Lee Ann, court reporting is a terrific thing to learn! But, yes, it will take many hours of practice and practice and practice. It's a wonderful job, though. And, you can either work for a firm or do freelance work when you choose. Very cool thing to do.
  8. I usually cut off at about six inches and go up and down in the stitches usually about three times to secure. I will have to leave it to Amy about whether I can post about my other designs to show you. I feel uncomfortable doing it, since it may be taken as advertising, which is never my intention.
  9. There is a project on Ravelry which uses two strands of size 10 together and it worked well. Your project will probably be longer in the cotton (more like the length of my project photo) when done in cotton because it is heavier than the acrylic Glenspun. Can't wait to see your blog post!
  10. That's great! Yes, once you have put on the skirting of the garment, it weighs everything down due to natural gravity which increases the height of the armholes.
  11. I believe that Amy had plans for an April crochet-along, however, she may have to postpone it. I'm sure she will post soon.
  12. I tend to use a needle and weave the ends vertically into the stitches rather than horizontally. I'm not the fondest of top-down designing and most of my designing is bottom-up. But, I'm particularly fond of working in one piece to keep seaming to a minimum. Most of my designs have seaming, for instance, only at the shoulders.
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