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  1. A belated Thank You to my FGM in Florida! I buried my package on my desk (under bills, no less) and didn't send a timely thank you... Soooo.... Thank you for the adorable crochet hook roll-up! It is lovely, and a great colorway And ... I can relate to what you have been going through. God Bless!
  2. A big Thank You to my FGM you-know-who-you-are! Thank you so much, I wish I could thank you personally by PM but, alas, I don't know your user name... My daughter loves the little bracelet, and I adore the stitch markers! I have never made anything with a true laceweight, but I will now! and the dishcloths are great, you can never have too many... Hopefully i can get DD to 'wash' her dishes too! Thank you again, you are soo sweet! ~kat
  3. use caution with acrylic... the bags i have completed (but yet to post a pic of) got very stretched out in the acrylic. if there is anything of weight loaded in, they are dragging down around my knees...
  4. Looking for someone who already has this pattern to share it and do a CAL.... I was working socks before but frogged them cause i just can't get them to work right. So i want to start my sock-ing adventure with a simple pattern, and this was recommended on ravelry. but when i went to the site, there was a message saying that they removed crochet patterns and that's that. Soooo... does anyone have a hard copy or it saved to their computer? Thanks!!
  5. OK, then, where exactly does the "toe" start? is it where the slip stitch that you just was just fastened off on the sole? And why doesn't it say to turn your work? this is what I find so confusing. last time i tried to overthink a pattern that seemed wrong, I was the one who was wrong... and when i followed it exactly as written, it worked out just as it should have! I had my gram look at the pattern today and she thought that it was meant to be worked as a separate piece and joined together after with the smaller hook, as the pattern reads, but she also said you must have to turn at the end of the rows.
  6. Hopefully someone can help me out here... My issues start after the sole is completed... to make the Left Upper: "starting at toe, ch 7." Sooo... do i attach the yarn to the sole somewhere? If not, and i start exactly how the pattern reads (which i tried several times and frogged just as many ) how do i do this without turning the work? and how do you " 1 sc in st below"? and help me visualize the part of the shoe i am making... is it the part that will eventually attach to the sole or the instep down to the sole? I am so confused! thought i was doing pretty well in my crocheting, but now i am totally stumped... thanks in advance!
  7. yeah, i think that is what i pretty much decided to do. and a friend offered me a book with a ton of squares. so I may buy a cushion at michael's, and make enough squares to cover it. maybe that will keep the stretching to a minimum.
  8. good to know, about the distortion. that's something i hadn't even considered. i had thought about just doing sc but then i decided i would like some sort of pattern, especially since it is going in my daughter's room and the room still very much has a nursery feel to it...
  9. Hey all! I just bought a great rocking chair at a yard sale, and it *must have* cushions before I put it in my daughter's room... Any suggestions? If I can't find any actual patterns, i will resort to making an afghan pattern and just sewing the seams... Thanks!
  10. well, 2 days now and no one has a reply for me. grrr.... So, any other ideas? is anyone out there familiar with this pattern? it's such a cute top, i would love to make it for my friend...
  11. Thanks! I am off to check it out now...
  12. Help me someone!! I have restarted this top 3 times now:thair, and for the life of me cannot get the *first* row of stitches to work out with the initial chain. You are supposed to be ending with a 6dc cluster, and I keep ending with the dc2tog. it is really making me cookoo!! the only think I can see may be messing me up is the chain after the first 6dc in the pattern kind of disappears, I have been placing a stitch marker to keep it from happening, but maybe the pattern accounts for that? and the next 6dc goes into the next visible stitch? I really don't know. I suppose that none of this makes sense unless you have done this pattern. I am praying that someone has done this pattern, and can help me. I am trying to do the Med size, with ch155 to start. Oh, and the pattern is from the Happy Hooker book, by debbie stroller, page 158, "blissful". Does anyone know how you contact an auther or designer of a pattern to ask questions? Until someone helps me, I will just be here , so don't mind the noise...
  13. hello all! I am looking for something I can crochet up somewhat easily for tie-backs on my livingroom curtains. I was thinking something made with crochet thread, but don't really know where to go beyond that. Thanks!
  14. I'm done!! Wow, I have never finished a project so quickly! Bought the yarn on July 4th, worked on it throught the weekend and a couple slow nights at work, and finished it today sitting in the coffee shop while DD was at school! Yay! I will get pics up as soon as I can. forgot my phone at home. doh!
  15. Well, i am only about half way done, and the bottom measures probably 4x6inches. not sure how tall yet, I'll let ya know when I get there! I would say it would be a perfect purse for a teenage girl, but for my preschooler, it will be perfect for a change of clothes, sunblock and a couple snacks. yay!
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