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  1. I made a ripple afghan that looks almost like this one but with out the blue. In Simply soft too. I put a white border around it and it looked really nice. such great colors for a baby blanket.
  2. Or you can try this pattern. Susan B's Easy ripple pattern It is done with DCs and Easy is right in the name!! How can you go wrong!! I have used this pattern many times and it looks great.
  3. Usually when you chain and turn and are doing DC you skip the first stitch of the next row and DC in the second stitch not the third that is what looks like you problem is. Try that and see if it helps you at all.
  4. Well the New Haven SnB meets 4 times a week. On Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. All at different places. We are always looking for new places to meet so you might have better luck posting about this to the group. You can click this link to get there.
  5. I have to say that I am amazed that this CAL is still going. I started this January 1st 2005! I just can't believe that people are still joining 2 years later. I guess crocheters and knitters really are a rare breed of people!! All of you have done some amazing projects. Even though I don't post very much, I still check in on my CAL! So keep the projects coming so I have something to admire while at work!!
  6. Crochet was on the show again!! It was hard to notice but if you looked at the sweater that the mother of the girl who got shot in the head at the restaurant was wearing it had small granny squares on the button band and around the cuffs of the sleeves. I don't know if the whole sweater was crocheted or just these parts but it was simple and cute.
  7. I would try to look for yarn that have the same fiber content and same gauge/weight. That way you can get as close as possible. And don't forget to do a swatch so that you can make sure that your gauge is the same as the one used for the pattern. That can make or break a garment.
  8. I love the color choices on your ripple. They really look great together.
  9. There is no set pattern. Just as long as what you are making is a ripple pattern. It can be an afghan, hat, scarf, etc. and I guess this crochet along will keep going till no one posts here anymore. I have had a ton of people join since I started it and they just keep joining!! Good luck!!
  10. Ok that was funny!! I knew where you were talking about before I even got to the east haven part!! I didn't know that so many connecticut people lived by me!!
  11. Ok I think I have it. I am going to write it down and try again tonight to see if i can get it. But you explained it well so I don't think it will be a problem. thanks for the help
  12. I can't believe I have to ask this but my brain is so fried lately that I just can't get it!! http://www.angelfire.com/va3/heartfeltangels/littlestarafghan.html Round 1: Ch 7, dc in first ch, *ch 3, dc in first ch. Repeat from * 2 times. Ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch of beginning ch to join, ch 3. (5 spaces) Where is says ch 7, dc in first ch is that first chain from the hook or first chain in the foundation row? I tried to do the dc in the first chain from the hook and it was very hard to do. My mind just couldn't grasp it last night and I know a lot of people have worked on this pattern so I am sure someone can give me a little push in the right direction!! (baby must be sucking out all my brain cells! she better be super smart!! )
  13. you can try this site http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/head-sizes.html#blanket it gives you measurements of different baby items. I would say if you were making a blanket for a car seat make it about half the size of a crib blanket.
  14. Meredith is going to break George's heart! He is in love with her and she is just going to use him. You can't do something like that to a friend and than be like oh but sorry i love Dr. Mcdreamy! At first I was saying out loud its a dream its a dream until they showed the preview for next week! Ok now I am talking like it's real life!!
  15. I didn't lose any stitches. I have done this pattern before. I did it in a DC like the pattern calls for. Its the Susan Bs pattern. I figured out the problem. Its the skip 2 stitches for the valley was pulling to tight. It had nothing to do with my tension or anything like that. The whole afghan worked better with a 3 st dec. It made the blanket lay flat. I restarted it and hope to have new pictures soon.
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