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    Originally from Chicago, I have lived the Blue RIdge Mountains since 2006
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    Blue Ridge Mountains, NC
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    gardening, crocheting
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    purse, bags, and more purses and bags
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  1. She's beautiful! I love cats! I have a houseful, cats and dogs. When my Shiba sheds her undercoat in the spring, I always think how much yarn it would make Of course, I also don't know how to spin it. It is really soft and fluffy, though. I put it out for the birds. I have pics in my blog of my four-legged family for anyone who'd like to see them Blue Ridge Mountain Girl
  2. Very nice! I love the color combos too! Blue Ridge Mountain Girl
  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing! Blue Ridge Mountain Girl
  4. Thanks for sharing! I love bags, purses, did I mention bags? Blue Ridge Mountain Girl
  5. Hey Drew, Thanks for sharing your pattern. The purse is adorable. Do you have any beginner-ish patterns? Not necessarily freebies... I love your purses but am not sure I have the skills to make one . Blue Ridge Mountain Girl
  6. Welcome! You sound like me. I have a hard time with patterns and tend to do "free form", if you will. Blue Ridge Mountain Girl
  7. Hi, Check out this blog for info. She works with several groups in Viet Nam that I do not believe are religious. I just recently posted about this on my blog and plan to start making them. I think it's a great cause. http://www.leprosybandages.blogspot.com/ Blue Ridge Mountain Girl
  8. Welcome from NC! Bue Ridge Mountain Girl
  9. I'm a beginner, too, and think you did a great job. I bet your kitty loves it. My kitties like anything crocheted, especially stuff that isn't for them! Thanks for sharing! Blue Ridge Mountain Girl
  10. Nice job on all! I especially like the bag in the middle. Did you use a pattern? Blue Ridge Mountain Girl
  11. BlueRidgeMtnGrl


    He's adorable. I love frogs! Blue Ridge Mountain GIrl
  12. Welcome from NC as well! I'm also a beginner! Where are you located? I'm out in Transylvania County in the mountains. Blue Ridge Mountain Girl
  13. Welcome from North Carolina! Blue Ridge Mountain Girl
  14. Try this link. It workd for me (I use blogger). http://*******************************2007/08/easy-progress-bars-for-new-blogger-no.html Blue Ridge Mountain Girl
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