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  1. I am in need of Spinnerin Piccadilly yarn. Does anyone have any to sell?
  2. Things have been so hectic, I'm not sure I remembered to thank the elf from NJ for the box of yarn!!! Thank you so much!
  3. Thank you to the elves that sent me Christmas cards and flavored teas! I'm drinking one now...
  4. I received a package from an Elf in MA. She sent me 2 skeins of Bernat Satin, some yummy flavored teas and a package of spicy eggnog. Will be trying the eggnog this weekend as we are to have snow. Thanks so much Elf!!
  5. Juli - I sent your package today! Finally opened mine and you did great! I love my gifts Should be able to take a picture and post it tomorrow
  6. Good Morning! 2010 WILL be the year I make my Casa! I did start it and I had already started another ghan from a book that actually is made with saltines. A long time ago I mentioned it. It's called Castle Walls. Anyway, after Christmas I am going to work on one or both of these!
  7. I got a fantastic package from an Elf in NJ!! Thank you so much dear Elf I got really soft yarn to make things for charity And some yummy looking flavored coffees
  8. I got my package from my partner, but I didn't open it yet! I have a few more things to get ready for Craftimama and then I can send box!
  9. alwayscrafting

    Border Collie

    This is precious! Border Collies are my fav dogs!
  10. Thanks Janet! I love granting wishes. Used, regifted, etc. is fine. Paradise Doll fashions. I bought some last year and they got lost in the mail. This Christmas pattern book http://www.e-patternscentral.com/detail.html?prod_id=5330&cat_id=583&criteria= These would be great to make for gifts!! This Jean Greenhowe book. I love her patterns! http://www.jeangreenhowe.com/christmas.html Soft yarn for chemo and brain surgery caps. I got some from an elf in NJ, thank you! Baby yarn to make caps and afghans for charities. Got some from the same Elf in NJ, thanks so much! Moravian stars for my Christmas tree Christmas cards by mail - got 2 thank you! I love flavored coffees and we all love herbal teas - got some in my cards thank you so much I wish everyone a safe, healthy and a very Merry Christmas or the Happiest of your Holidays! Be safe my friends and pray for our Nation and our World!
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