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    Married, 1 son age 31
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    Crocheting, knitting, sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, reading, jigsaw puzzles
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    Not exactly sure right now!
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    Afghans, Barbie doll clothes, stuffed toys
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    since 1965
  1. This is precious! Border Collies are my fav dogs!
  2. I'm ready to cut the strips for my candle mat and my quilters ruler disappeared. ARG. It was on the kitchen table along with all my other stuff. Man this aggrevates me when I am rolling...
  3. Ann - yes I am, but I figure one good house cleaning for 2 parties! Wendy - I used my excel program and just filled in the blocks graph style.
  4. How's Wendy today? DH, DS and I love your koala video. We really want a koala
  5. I haven't gotten mine out yet either Can't find the one plastic bin with them in. Have to get busy, dinner will be here this year and then the baby shower the day after! Sounds good to me I'm trying not to, but I could very easily. At least you are working on Christmas - good girl If we lived closer I'd give you lessons in exchange for using your machine
  6. Best of luck at your show!!! I have one on the 21st.
  7. That's interesting. Where does one find them?
  8. Very pretty! Thanks for the pattern. My decorations this year are gold and white and this will make a gorgeous centerpiece for my island.
  9. That is great! Thanks so very much for sharing.
  10. I make alot of snowflakes and I use 2/3 elmers glue to 1/3 water. Sugar gets funky when it is humid and I too worry about the ants.
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