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  1. I wanted to let everyone know what we decided to go with for the yarn... Berroco Comfort Chunky (50% superfine nylon & 50% superfine acrylic) I grew increasingly concerned that natural fibers would stretch out too much with the weight of the cape over time. She didn't have any particular yarn allergies, so that opened my options up quite a bit. She was adamant that it be a soft yarn, so I quickly dropped most of the 100% acrylics off my list - there are a few that I've been ok with, but most of them end up too scratchy over time. I'd used the comfort chunky in a scarf and it had held up nicely over repeated washings. It was still extremely soft, and the color didn't fade out (although the wearer is diligent with laundry, so that's probably a huge factor in it). Most importantly, I don't have the doubts that it'll "grow" or stretch over time. Both nylon and acrylic retain their stitch definition pretty well, provided they aren't washed in hot water or dried in a super heated dryer. I gave her care instructions up front to make sure she would know what she was getting into. Anyway...enough talk...I'm off to finish up last minute Christmas gifts & then the cape awaits me as soon as the gifts are finished & wrapped up! Thanks everyone - I really appreciate it!
  2. I've been asked to make this cape. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/hooded-cape The person who is requesting it lives in an area where it doesn't get cold too often, so I'm trying to find a yarn that is bulky weight that doesn't stretch much (ideally very little stretch) & that washes well - even if that means handwashing/blocking to dry. I don't mind paying more for the yarn if the quality is there. Thanks for any help you can give me!
  3. I sent you a PM - I think they'd be lovely! Thanks! Sandra
  4. Liz, It's probably not too large - they can give it to someone who is either bedridden and needs an extra blanket or they can give it to someone who is ambulatory and can curl up on the couch with it while watching TV. From what my co-worker tells me, the nursing home has a fairly active group of people and a few of them are in the ones they have adopted. Thanks so much, Liz. I'll pm you with my address for mailing and post pictures of everything I put together or receive. Sandra
  5. Susan, Thank you so much! I was trying to stay with neutral colors like yellow, green, blue, red, etc. that way they would work for both males and females. Thanks again, Sandra
  6. Somewhere I read that vinegar would also change the PH of water and help felt items better. I wash everything with vinegar anyway, so I don't know how my felting would turn out if it were left out of the wash.
  7. This is my first request, so I hope I'm posting this correctly. A co-worker and I are making a total of 15 lapghans to give to nursing home residents that have been adopted by my co-worker's church at Christmas. I am horribly allergic to acrylic and can only crochet with it for a short period of time before I start to break out in welts/hives. Unfortunately it's the only yarn I can afford in the quantities I need to make these lapghans. My co-worker crochets beautifully, but she is much slower than I am. I am willing to sew together squares if you'd like to make them. 8" and 12" squares would make the perfect size and would be the fastest ones for me to sew together. If you want to make a full sized ghan, we are looking for them to be sized about 3' x 3 ' - this is size that fits best with those who are wheelchair bound according to the nursing home. They also work well for those who are ambulatory but want to stay warm while they sit and watch television. I need all squares sent to me no later than December 1st to give me time to piece them together. If you are donating a full lapghan, please ship those no later than December 10th. This will give us time to gather the donations and get them to the church in time for the party. If you would like to donate, please PM me for details. I'll acknowledge all donations in this thread as well as through a PM. Thanks so much! Sandra
  8. I spend time each week at Hobby Lobby. The sale prices aren't that great, but if you search through the different yarns, you'll find some that are clearanced priced. It's usually those that 2-3 skeins that you can't make a full project with....The trick is having time to look at every single item on the shelf, comparing it to the regular price & the clearanced price. Not everything with a yellow tag is a good bargain.
  9. Stores here either aren't stocking it yet or are selling out rapidly - I haven't seen it yet, but I'm going to keep looking.
  10. The shelf tag at my Michael's was marked DC - I bought all the colors I liked since it was obvious they were not going to carry it any more.
  11. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing. I haven't worked with thread much, but I do miss it. Maybe when I get some of my other projects out of the way this spring, I can get some thread work done again.
  12. Vanna's GlamourTM is light-weight & has a glitter appeal to it. It's also light-weight & may be what you're looking for. I found some at my local Hobby Lobby yesterday & I can't wait to work with it!
  13. I've never crocheted with suede before, but since Lion Brand has had such a great sale lately at Michaels, I decided to try it. I'm almost finished with a pretty clutch purse, but the flap isn't working as well as I'd like it. Here's what I've done: Single crochet only and then reduced by 1 on each row until it was long enough to put in a pretty button for a closure. Then I am adding a simple scallop to the edge. Here's the problem: I am noticing a tendence for the flap to curl under or up - depending on the side of the flap. Can you block suede to take out the curl? If not, will changing the number of reductions take out this curl or make it less noticeable? I really want to put this up for sale on Etsy, but it's got to be perfect - and I'm not ready to deem this one ready for sale because of the curl. Any ideas?
  14. I found some Sinfonia yesterday for a really great price at my HL. After I got home, I realized I'd bought some a couple of years ago & never did anything with it (definitely have to get more organized!) - I'm anxious to pull it out & see what it does. I've heard about the splitting problem, but others say that it is manageable & holds up great over time. I'm still waiting on a good sale on some Paton's Grace - unless someone knows of a good online source where I get can get a decent discount. It's pretty rare for me to pay full price for yarn. I'm a frequent visitor to HL searching out the clearance & discount sections, and I focus mostly on these same sections at my LYS. Thanks for the feedback!
  15. I'm also looking for feedback on this. I've got several items on my list & I want to use a good cotton or bamboo for them. I've looked at Paton's Grace in the store & it's a little more than what I'd normally pay, but if it holds up well over time then I'm definitely interested.
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