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  1. thank you all so much........
  2. I am making an oval area rug without a pattern....How many extra stitches will I need to add to each row? Thank you
  3. Auntcut

    thread crochet

    thanks so much for you're quick replys I think I will try #3 The stuff I tried before was #10 thanks again.
  4. Auntcut

    thread crochet

    I have been crocheting for 10 + years and I still can't get the hang of thread crochet. It just seems that the thread is just so thin and hard to work with. There are soooooo many dolies out there that I want so much to make buttttttttttt.........so my question is....What is the thickest thread that you can get? I don't understand the numbers. Thanks for your help. much appreciated.
  5. oh thank you but I already have those.....was hoping for some different ones. thanks again.
  6. I used to have a site bookmarked that had several goose patterns ( I think to buy) I have lost it and I would like more patterns other than the goose and gander on parade. thanks for any help.
  7. Auntcut

    need some tips

    thanks for the suggestions. It just gets so frustrating! You are right...I do start out loose. I would love to see a video thank you.
  8. Auntcut

    need some tips

    Hi all I need some tips on how to keep an even stitch......what I mean is when I make a baby blanket I start out loose and then get tighter so my blanket is always messed up. any suggestions ty
  9. My 6 year old neice:manyheart (where I got the name auntcut) wants me to teach her to crochet tomorrow..........where do I start???????????? I am sooooo happy she wants to learn but not sure how to teach her.
  10. thanks ....I'm gonna give it one more try and then give up and go to something smaller. thanks again. auntcut
  11. http://www.geocities.com/diznemom/desr2sc.html here is a link to what i am doing.
  12. I am trying to do a graph afghan. I've started it twice. It never looks the way it should. Am I counting wrong? Is there a secret for counting the stitches? I am using the counted rows in single crochet. thank you auntcut
  13. Auntcut

    Clowning Around

    that is adorabe! Is the pattern online somewhere?
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