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  1. How often do you visit the 'ville? Is it every day, or more or is is part of the weekly weekend ritual?? or something else - do tell:cheer I visit every day - sometimes more if I am off work, I try to pop in daily at work but it isn't always possible, depends what time I get home...
  2. moggy


    You've been busy!! Lovely work - miaow to the furball in the background too
  3. moggy

    I created 30 inches table topper!

    Beautiful - I love the colours you've used
  4. I was itching to try out a new thread that I had posted to me - and also itching to use one of the PK designs which I also had sent to me (don't tell DH) so tried a PK coaster out in it... (great design as it didn't need blocking - yay!!). I think this may be a good lesson as to why not to use variegated thread in a 'closed' design - I think it should be left for more open thread designs
  5. moggy

    Irene--Doilies with a Twist

    Very pretty - great work!!!
  6. moggy

    Rose Parade

    Beautiful!! How annoying that they printed mistakes in the pattern - Kathy must be hopping!! I love the colours
  7. moggy

    Little knitting projects recently done

    Very cute - they don't look very beginner to me - well done!!
  8. moggy

    from the hook of muise

    Your afghans are beautiful!! I love the square the first picture comes up with
  9. moggy

    Blue Rose Doliy.

    Great work - I always prefer this one in mulicolours - yours are lovely
  10. moggy

    The Monkey Wears Prada

    Excellent!! I love the lips!
  11. moggy

    A couple of "Creepy Cute's"

    I haven't made these but they are really cute
  12. moggy

    uk crocheters r u there?

    I'm down in the very South East corner.... an internet shopper here as I mainly do thread work - If I'm doing wool work I have a really good LYS in Dover and Canterbury so I can usually get what I need there - a Hobbycraft has opened up about 20 miles away but not been over there yet - the other ones of them I have been to have been a bit disappointing You can't beat popping over to the USA for supplies though - an empty suitcase definately required!!!
  13. moggy

    My first grannie square!

    Cute - well done - the addiction starts.....
  14. moggy

    Mushroom & the mouse who lives there

    Soooo cute - great work
  15. moggy

    New Round Tablecloth Project

    wow - that's beautiful - glad you are happy that you frogged - it's never good to put so much effort into something and then not enjoy it because you wish you'd frogged... I may have to hunt for that pattern.... *moggy goes off to google*
  16. moggy

    My Present to Myself

    Fab colour - it's nice to be able to enjoy some of your own work after giving most of it away isn't it?
  17. moggy

    mug mats

    You can have great fun with those! Enjoy
  18. moggy

    Torture is a bedspread

    You are going to be one busy lady!! Good luck!!
  19. moggy

    yarn storage

    New house.... think of that lovely walk-in yarn closet with all those shelves with seethrough boxes of sorted yarns with no barfs in them, and racks of lovely hooks and gadgets awaiting your talented hands, sorted and filed patterns and books that flash on the shelf when you are looking for that 'I know I've got a pattern for that somewhere ', also with a spacious warm craft room with huge windows to watch the world go by and soak you in natural light, with waiter service beverages at the click of your fingers (the sort of drinks that don't go cold whilst you are engrossed in crocheting), the sound of birdsong wafting over you or your favorite TV programmes on demand at all times (with no adverts in them) on a nice new LED TV with cinema sound.... .....*wanders off to local store to buy lottery ticket.... *
  20. moggy

    beaded glass/jar cover

    Oooo - I like!! You could have great fun with those beads and colour!! Very pretty
  21. moggy

    Latest Doily - "Pinwheel"

    Lovely and airy - great work
  22. moggy

    Tea Time Doily finished!

    You got bit good!! Great work
  23. moggy

    pineapple doily

    Welcome back!! Lovely doily to get the addiction kicked in again!!
  24. I have done a thread search to see if there is one which groups the UK lot together but nothing comes up so I apologise if this has already been done! Who lives in the UK? It would be nice to know who is around in the country! I am down in the South East corner near Dover. I'm 33 and have been crocheting in earnest for about a year now. I had been taught as a kid but never picked it up. I mainly do thread work but do do a blankie every now and again. How about you??
  25. moggy

    Who's in the UK?

    Nice to see some more UK people!! Hello How are you all?? I would ask how your weather is but I probably know looking at the news with all of this white stuff around Angeltears - I went to UCL too - '93 - '96 Pharmacology - I loved it up there - wish I'd worked harder but at least I had a great time!!!