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    Full time worker who wishes they could make money at crafting!! Anyone know how? Let me know!!
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    Kent, UK
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    Crochet!, scuba, ATCs, motorcycling, tarot, papercrafting, saxophone, skiing
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    Paramedic Practitioner
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    I'm a threadie but also love to create critter amigurumis too
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    Was taught as a child, put it down and only picked it up again 2007
  1. You could try making a hand towel (quicker and smaller than a full bath towel) and see how that goes on the drying front - if it doesn't work put a nice edging around it and voila, a self designed mat for your bathroom
  2. I think my mum taught me the basics when I was about 8 but never took to it. I relearnt from a book last year and haven't stopped since - I started with yarn and then moved onto thread which is what i mainly do now
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