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    Full time worker who wishes they could make money at crafting!! Anyone know how? Let me know!!
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    Kent, UK
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    Crochet!, scuba, ATCs, motorcycling, tarot, papercrafting, saxophone, skiing
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    Paramedic Practitioner
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    I'm a threadie but also love to create critter amigurumis too
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    Was taught as a child, put it down and only picked it up again 2007
  1. moggy


    You've been busy!! Lovely work - miaow to the furball in the background too
  2. Beautiful - I love the colours you've used
  3. Beautiful!! How annoying that they printed mistakes in the pattern - Kathy must be hopping!! I love the colours
  4. Very cute - they don't look very beginner to me - well done!!
  5. Your afghans are beautiful!! I love the square the first picture comes up with
  6. Great work - I always prefer this one in mulicolours - yours are lovely
  7. moggy

    The Monkey Wears Prada

    Excellent!! I love the lips!
  8. I haven't made these but they are really cute
  9. I'm down in the very South East corner.... an internet shopper here as I mainly do thread work - If I'm doing wool work I have a really good LYS in Dover and Canterbury so I can usually get what I need there - a Hobbycraft has opened up about 20 miles away but not been over there yet - the other ones of them I have been to have been a bit disappointing You can't beat popping over to the USA for supplies though - an empty suitcase definately required!!!
  10. Cute - well done - the addiction starts.....
  11. wow - that's beautiful - glad you are happy that you frogged - it's never good to put so much effort into something and then not enjoy it because you wish you'd frogged... I may have to hunt for that pattern.... *moggy goes off to google*
  12. Fab colour - it's nice to be able to enjoy some of your own work after giving most of it away isn't it?
  13. You can have great fun with those! Enjoy
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