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    Married, Matt 2 Sons Zach, 13 Josh, 11
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    crochet, cross stitch
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    Working with cotton
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    16 years
  1. Very Pretty. I love the color.
  2. I love this pattern, and can't wait to try one. One similar is in one of the State fair patterns book.
  3. I love it. I am going to start one right away!!!
  4. That is amazing! What patience it must have taken.
  5. I love the design in the design...Great work!
  6. Very nice. I love the colors! Better not let me dh see it!!!
  7. Very nice! I love the border on this one.
  8. Very pretty. I love the way the colors fade. I just finished my first rr, I used a varigated camo and a solid. It doesn't look nearly as good. I will have to try solid colors.
  9. I have my partner info...Hello kookykatlady!
  10. I love this! These are my sons favorite colors and I have had a hard time finding something that was "manly" enough. This is great!
  11. Very nice. I love the effect of the bright colors.
  12. Very cute! I love the purse! gw
  13. Very pretty! Great colors!
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