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  1. I find the prayer blanket round ripple a fantastic pattern. I made 29 of these last year for Christmas presents and quite a few so far this year. I got the pattern from teakaycee (Tam) and is it such a joy to make. I am sure if you pm her, she would share the pattern with you. Take care of yourself and keep us posted on how you are doing.
  2. I would like to join in this as well. I will get started on some tonight.
  3. Tam, I am willing to make a couple of prayer blankets for you if you can use them.
  4. It's possible if you don't get bored with the pattern. So far this year I have made 26 prayer blankets that are Christmas gifts and have 2 more to finish before Christmas. I love this pattern and it works up fast for me.
  5. Thanks for the link, I will check it out.
  6. I have looked and cannot seem to find a pattern for boys that don't look girlish. Any one have any ideas or suggestions? TIA
  7. So far this year, here is my list: 1 ripple afghan 25 round ripple afghans 47 scarfs 1 poncho 1 hat :cheer:clap
  8. The majority of my crochet patterns are freebies that I have downloaded from the net. My yarn stash is in boxes with a list that goes with each box and I mark off what I use. Now my cross stitch patterns.....one subscription I have every issue since 1979 and they are still appearing every other month in the mailbox! LOL My DH tells me the day I die, everything crafty is going out on the curb for the trashmen to pick up! I told him if he did that he was a D*** fool because he could make some money selling it on ebay! He just doesn't get it!!!
  9. I just saw this post and thought I would join so that I can keep on track with my gift list. I am doing 12 point round ripples for the following: Grand-daughter - Shades of purple - working on now Grandson - Spiderman - done - only need to add the webs from the points Nieces: Taylor - turquoise - done Lindsey - bright green - done Cayce - lavendar - done Cheyanne - blue - done Maya - bright pink - done Heather - purple - done Ashley - blue and blue varigated - done Nephews: Ryan - yellow and maroon - done Devin - Spiderman - done - only need to add the webs from the points Jacob - red - not started Landon - haven't started and haven't decided what color either Mother - blue, yellow and white - 85% done - 3 or 4 more rows Friends: Bill - Blue and Blue varigated - done Lois - Pink, tan and pink varigated - haven't started Barbara - crayola RR - haven't started yet Scarfs: making for the people I work with, 13 needed - 2 made Looking at my list I think I am doing pretty good. All I seem to do is crochet right now haven't picked up a needle to cross stitch since last March.
  10. Yes, cross stitch is something I do all the time. I just googled smokey mountain cross stitch and came up with a smokey mountain christmas. Not sure what you were exactly looking for, but thought I would share what I found.
  11. I listen to audio books all the time, at work, driving, and while crocheting. I check out most of them from the library, but I have just about exhausted this source. My library participates in net library which are books from the Stqate of Texas library and I get lots of them from there as well. I think a website would be wonderful.
  12. Chris, I counted your rows and I had the number of each row correct. I appreciate all your help and can hardly wait to start this one.
  13. Chris, your RR is beautiful. Thanks for posting the picture. I believe BLACK is the right choice. Thanks everyone.
  14. Thanks Sheryl, that is what I was looking for.
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