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  1. Here is a baby blanket I finished last night. Hubby helped me pick the colors.
  2. I just finished this baby blanket tonight. I got the yarn and pattern from Herrschners. (Christmas gift) This was a fun pattern to crochet. This blanket measures about 43 x 45 inches. I think the pattern made a mistake saying the finished size would be 32 x 38 inches. It will be a good size for a toddler and will be donated locally. http://karensgardenofcolors.blogspot.com/
  3. I just finished crocheting this baby blanket called Vertical Shells. It was a blanket kit from Mary Maxim. The pattern was a little hard to follow and a lot of counting but it turned out very nice. This blanket will be donated to one of my charities. http://karensgardenofcolors.blogspot.com/
  4. Here are 4 cuddles sacks and hats I crocheted for Christmas. They will be donated to our local hospital. I used my twin stitch pattern and add the boa yarn. http://karensgardenofcolors.blogspot.com/
  5. Here is my latest baby blanket, a 12-point round ripple. http://karensgardenofcolors.blogspot.com/
  6. This was a fun blanket to crochet and the pattern went very fast. The pattern can be found here http://oneyarnafteranotherblog.com/category/crochet-patterns/ I use Lions Brand Pound of Love yarn and a H hook. As the pattern didn't have a finished edging, I just did a simple double crochet then a single crochet for the edging. http://karensgardenofcolors.blogspot.com/
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