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  1. This is funny because I saw this movie last night, and I thought the afghan was beautiful. I've been asking all over today if anyone knew where I could find the pattern. If anyone finds one on line, I hope they will post the link here. *pleading look*
  2. It turned out really, really nice!
  3. Crochet if great, so you made a good choice. Welcome to the group!
  4. Hello from Nova Scotia! *waves*
  5. Thanks, everyone. You sure know how to make a gal feel welcome! The cover took me about six months to make (I work a lot and there were sooo many squares.) I really like how it turned out, though. It makes my living room very cheerful.
  6. I think this is really pretty.
  7. I really like the color. It turned out great!
  8. We're having heavy snowfall on my end. Talk about freezing! Welcome to the group. I'm a newbie myself, but everyone here seems really nice.
  9. This is the last project I finished. As you can see, it was a cover for my new couch. I used the Coffee and Cream square from "200 Crochet Square Blocks" (I think that's the name of the book.) http://s105.photobucket.com/albums/m213/StillTanyaReed/?action=view&current=couch2.jpg
  10. It looks like you'd be nice and snuggly...the kind of afghan you want to sit on your couch wrapped up in while reading a book with the snow falling outside...if you know what I mean. Great job!
  11. I love the colors you used for this.
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