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  1. Your pictures is so cute. I have a dog that is part cat. He plays with my balls of yarn when they roll across the floor. He rolls on it and I alway then walks away with yarn wrapped around him and unravels my work:lol
  2. I was just wondering what type of 'furbabies' you have? I used to have sugar gliders.
  3. LOL I only said this because I am finally learning to read the instructions!
  4. I agree with the others. I would love for you to teach a class please sign me up for it if you do. Those are amazing. I have never tried doing anything like that before.
  5. WOW you were truly blessed. My mom crochets a dress that you put a doll head on a stick into a Renizit. Have you done one of those? Those books are a blessing alone! I am so happy for you!
  6. I have the first one and I have signed up for the 2nd group. Thank so much!
  7. :frog I love frogs. My son (who is 18) nickname is Tadpole! lol I love it!
  8. I think I am going to try some shorts. That way I won't waste as much yarn and see how they hold up before I had to them.
  9. Are they hard to work up? Remember I am a newbie to reading instructions.
  10. You know great minds think alot because I have been thinking about trying the same thing! I hope someone finds one for us. Thanks for reading my mind and asking!
  11. The last time I looked I was suppose to be one also but for some reason I am not but congrats!!!!!
  12. WOW:huganother friend that loves purses. What did you line it with? I love it. Where did you find that pattern. My purses were done freeform. lol:hook
  13. I love the colors. It makes it look so elegant. I haven't tried one of these shawls but it is on my to do list.:clapGood job!
  14. I teach 3rd - 5th grade girls on Wednesday night and they would love that. We are starting to study on Puppet Ministry these next 4 weeks.:cheerGreat job!
  15. That is the date Elvis died so I guess I need to make several of them up and and go to Graceland on Elvis day in Memphis to sell some with my son.
  16. I am in Covington, TN! I am so happy to find someone in my area. :cheer:cheer:clap:hugWELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. I would love to help also so please pm me with addy. I was just wondering where in ARK is she? I go to ARK alot and I was just wondering. Like another crocheter said don't lose your faith God is still able to take care of this problem that you both are going through. Not to mention supply the financial need too.
  18. You know it is really strange all my life my mom has answered my questions with crocheting. Saturday when there was snow everywhere in TN I sat with my mom and showed her how to work a half Granny square shawl. Before I knew it she was offering me money to buy the yarn I had got for a missionary's kid in Moldova. So since she is my mom she got it and I got some more yarn. Thanks I am glad everyone likes my "Elvis" cape!
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