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  1. I have a question about the EdgeryDoo. Does it also go through jeans? Just wondering.....
  2. Yes I finally remembered it is a baby blanket with hearts. I have been looking everywhere for it. Thank so much for your help!
  3. I think this is it...It looks alot like the one from Crochet Pattern Central but to me there are no instructions really with that heart. A friend of mine has the pattern but I was wondering where I can find it. I loved the bunny.:hugThanks
  4. Hello! I have already looked on Crochet Pattern Central and still can not find the pattern I am looking for. It is a baby blanket/afghan and it has hearts worked into it like a filet crochet. Can anyone help me? Thanks:hook
  5. :cheerI think I would be fighting for one of those blue ones. Great job!
  6. Great job! I started when I was your age also. I am very proud of you for doing something besides chains (lol) You are going to have to make one for your dog now. I look forward to seeing more of your items.
  7. lol I didn't know you were suppose to organize it. I have yarn everywhere to hid from DH!
  8. :applauseGirl that is the most beautiful thing I have seen! You need to take a bow! PAt yourself on the back. Wonderful shade of color purple and I just can't express how wonderful this afghan is. I know the family will just cry with joy over this thoughtful thing you have done. It took my breathe away when I saw it.
  9. I have to go along with everyone else. CPC is the greatest. I found it before I found this forum. I am now collecting different patterns. Thanks!:c9
  10. I was looking at posts while I am at work. I came across your wonderful cat and I laughed out loud so my co workers heard me. That is just precious.
  11. http://www.mypicot.com/flov.html I found this link on Crochet Pattern Central the very last link on the right hand side.
  12. I live just north of Memphis and I was glad to see them win also. Memphis always gets the BIG head. I am glad for both teams. I am not a basketball fan but I did watch the last 5-10 minutes of the game and it was a nail biting game.
  13. Have you tried going to her website? Email Mary Maxim and ask? I hope this helps and welcome to the best crochet place ever:cheer
  14. I also love mysteries. If you love to eat cookies (who don't) JoAnn Fluke writes good mysteries. www.murdershebaked.com Thanks for sharing going to order book.
  15. The last church I was attending the Pastor's wife brought me back one of the butterflies from a conference they went to. I love it. I put a pin on the back of it and wear it. I love the roses. I am so happy you found the pattern.
  16. Welcome! This is a great place!
  17. Thanks for letting me know!
  18. Love all of those! Where did you find such a wonderful pattern?
  19. I love it where is the pattern? I loved your blog too. Great work!
  20. Lovely. Where did you find that pattern.
  21. I could not get it either. I have found a few of the patterns that are listed on there I can't get to open up.
  22. That is something I have never worked on with crochet. I just don't crochet tight enough. Those are lovely!
  23. I am trying to get the pattern but I am waiting for the membership to be approved.
  24. My husband hates to take me anywhere because I always have my bag with with yarn and hook. I have nervous energy. I can't just sit without doing something with my hands. I used to read but this is so much better because I can talk and watch the road. Now if we are going alot of turning and the road is crooked, I can't do it.
  25. WOW I love it. I hate joining the squares but loving making the squares. lol I am going to try this one...
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