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  1. Ok I love purses and so I started making my own and I don't sew either. I hot glued my lining in...I glued it and it has gone through several washing. Just wanted to let you know.
  2. I ordered one today!!!! I am so excited! I got the 12 inch square because I do purses more than anything else and since I don't sew I thought I could use that to help with the lining of the purse. Again I am so excited.
  3. Wal mart in the sewing section is where they are located here at my wal mart. They come in several sizes and colors.
  4. I love your bags. Is there a place with crochetville graph?
  5. ok newbie question yet again... I love these bags but I don't understand about the grommets. I know how to put them in but I don't see how it will work with yarn. Maybe I just don't crochet tight enough. Thanks:hook
  6. That was fun. I got 8/10 and the 2 I missed was about thread crochet which I know nothing about. Thanks for sharing.
  7. LOL I have taught about 4 ladies how to crochet here at work during work hours...of course the boss was away.
  8. I love the felted look but I am not sure how to do it myself. Does anyone know a good website that explains it.
  9. I am going to fly (for the 1st time) June 1- 7 and I have been thinking of something to take with me during the flight and the layover in AL on the way home. Thanks!
  10. :cheerI loved it thanks for the link! I have some something like that with granny squares but I love the colors... Great!
  11. I have thought the same thing...(Great minds) Home Depot has them. There are some that fit on a hat and some that fit on your glasses. They cost about $20.00 here in TN.
  12. I think I got it now. That is what I was thinking abuot I didn't want to come this far to have to froggie.:manyheart:hook
  13. They also have an awesome catalog!
  14. I am at the part where you add the handle flap. Everything else turned out great. Now I am lost!
  15. MadeJust4You

    Fbb Help

    Ok for those of you that sorta know me I am just learning to read patterns and I think I have done great. I got through the whole pattern with the same amount of rows each time. I was so proud of myself and then I got the to handle part and my mind left me. I can not figure this out. I have looked at the post about this purse and still it is not coming to me what to do. PLEASE help!!!!
  16. http://www.umei.com/purse-handbag-cat1.htm this is my favorite site for purse items
  17. There is a football player that crochets. I can't remember who but...my husband wants to learn but he don't have the patience for it. I tell him it helps my nerves. Congrats!
  18. I know this wasn't meant for me but I wanted to say thanks to you because I have been looking for something like this myself. So thanks!
  19. I knew I had seen these page before but I couldn't find it when I put in 'purse handles' on ebay. Thanks I have a pair coming and I saved the ebay store instead my purse turns out ok. Thanks!
  20. I found the website that you can get a wonderful catalog from. I have got this catalog somewhere at home.. I think unless DH threw it away. www.umei.com I hope everyone enjoys it.
  21. Wal Mart here in Covington, TN does not have circular purse handles. They have the U handles. I guess I will have to go to Memphis to finish the purse.
  22. MadeJust4You


    I am almost finished with my FBB and now I can not find handles for it. I am not a happy camper. Does anyone have suggestions? Thanks!
  23. That is a great idea for my home computer but at work I need Yahoo to do the mileage I have to run on this here computer for my billing purposes. Great IDEA.
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